Beware the Slenderman & Witness
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Beware the Slenderman & Witness

Beware the Slenderman & Witness
Beware the Slenderman | HBO

Beware the Slenderman & Witness

Beware the Slenderman currently on HBO On Demand

The Witness currently available on PBS

I’m Really Into trash TV; Real Housewives, Are You The One & the Teen Mom, but I’m also Really Into documentaries & this week I watched Beware the Slenderman & Witness.

Beware the Slenderman

True crime lovers will drool over both of these & likely are already familiar with the cases. Beware the Slenderman focuses on 2 pre-teen girls who were sucked into the Internet myth, Slenderman. This documentary focuses on the inception of the myth of Slenderman, a pale faceless tall creature who stalks & tortures children. It seems that people all over the world are captivated by this mythical, ghoulish creature. Two preteen girls stabbed a beloved friend because they believed if they did, they could prove Slenderman was real. As a parent, this is terrifying to watch. The documentary completes the near-impossible job of shining a light on mental illness, retracing the steps & the psychological factors behind the easily influenced pre-teen brain & powerful effects of bullying & isolation. It’s a must watch & I was Really Into it & will likely watch it again.


If you’re into true crime, chances are you’ve heard the heartbreaking tale of Kitty Genovese. History reports 38 people witnessed the murder of Kitty & not a soul stepped in to help. This is the story I’ve heard, but Kitty’s brother Bill Genovese wants more of the story. He borders on obsessed with getting all the facts straight about the case. Viewers are able to follow him connecting with old witnesses, interviewing reporters & see a reenactment of Kitty’s final minutes. He uncovers new facts, has a touching meeting with  Sophia Farrar, who was Kitty’s neighbor & friend. It’s a powerful, touching documentary & a must watch as well.


I am Really Into both of these documentaries. What other documentaries are you Really Into?

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