Book Review A Sisters Courage by Molly Green
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A Sister’s Courage by Molly Green

Book Review A Sisters Courage by Molly Green
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A Sister’s Courage (The Victory Sisters, #1)

A Sister's Courage
Published: 11/28/2019
It’s 1939 and the threat of war hangs over Britain… A spirited young woman, Raine Linfoot has always had an overriding ambition to take to the skies. Her hero, Doug Williams, teaches her to fly when she is just 17. With her pilot’s license it seems as though the sky’s the limit for Raine … until war breaks out. Raine knows that her place is not at home and she is determined to assist the…

A Sister’s Courage by Molly Green

Raine is a hard-headed young woman with her sights set on becoming a pilot. But, it’s 1939, and Britain is on the brink of war. Working as an accountant at the local aerodrome isn’t enough – she wants to be in the cockpit. But, her mother and her boss have different ideas.


Veronique, the youngest sister, is a tomboy who loves being outdoors. Middle sister, Suzanne, is a talented musician who aims to please her parents and can do no wrong. And then there is Lorraine (Raine) Linfoot – the eldest sister of the family. Smart, ambitious, and beautiful – she’d be well suited to work in the town dress shop. It certainly would make her mother happy. However, Raine wants more action. More adventure. More control of her life.

Raine is determined to live out her dreams of flying high in the sky. And, she won’t take no for an answer! She’s out to prove to herself that she can, and to show her sisters what is possible.


A fortuitous meeting with a handsome flight instructor, Doug, couldn’t come at a better time. Raine can hardly believe her luck that he set her up with a job in the office at the aerodrome. And, he’s offered to provide flying lessons if she can make the time. Without hesitations, she grabs the opportunity.

But when war is declared, and Doug is called to duty, flying lessons are at an end. It’s too dangerous for novice pilots and women are expected to help the war effort in factories or as nurses. Again, with a stroke of luck the Air Transport Auxillary (ATA) needs the help of female pilots! Raine steps up to the task, eager to do her part delivering equipment to the men on the front line.


Just when life seems to be exciting and rewarding, Raine gets the news. Doug is reported as missing, presumed dead. She had a crush on him when they first met, and they’ve kept writing to one another fondly. So, will she be able to reconcile with her grief? Or will she find love in the arms of a green-eyed pilot who seems keen on her?


I am kinda into this book! I’m a sucker for World War II fiction, especially when it has a strong female lead. This story has it all – family drama, romance, adventure, and war. At times it seems there are too many ideas rushing out of Green’s mind. With a healthy round of editing, this book could be more charming and captivating. A Sister’s Courage by Molly Green weaves together career aspirations with the rush of wartime romance. You’ll be cheering for Raine (and true love) in the end!

Let’s connect with books! We have all of our reviews on Goodreads! Another historical fiction novel I enjoyed recently is Trace of Deceit.

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About the Author: Molly Green

Molly Green is a seasoned author of fiction and non-fiction. She has sold lipstick in a Denver store, modeled in Atlanta, assisted the UN Narcotics Director in Geneva, chauffeured a Swiss Gnome in Zurich, assisted a famous film producer in the UK, and cooked in a sanatorium in Germany. She now lives and writes in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


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