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MTV The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions

MTV The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions

Premieres February 7th at 9/8c on MTV


Of all the television shows I watch there are few that stand the test of time. I’m talking about the shows you stick with, even through crazy or off seasons. MTV’s The Challenge, is one those shows. I am Really Into it.

The show is now almost 20 years old & I’ve watched it since Day One, when it was The Real World vs Road Rules. Since then the show has different formats for each season, Fresh Meat, Sibling Rivalries, Battle of the Exes, Bad Blood & many more. Fresh Meat was a game changer because it introduced us to a cast that we didn’t know, remember Evan paired with Coral?

The show gets better every season. I love that they continue to have old cast members just to keep the old timers like myself watching. This season we get to see the return of CT, Johnny Bananas, Darrell, Cara Maria & Camila. These “Champions” are old as hell. I mean CT was on The Real World Paris in 2001! I also love that they are now bringing in AYTO cast members too.

I look forward to all the in-house drama that is fueled by large amounts of alcohol consumption, old rivalries & ridiculous hook-ups. The challenges are easily the most entertaining part of the show. MTV does a really good job creating new & unique challenges. It’s entertaining, fun, crazy & I laugh every episode of every season. I’m sure this season will deliver. This is a perfect show for sitting back, relaxing & laughing your ass off. I am Really Into this show.

EPISODE ONE: This season started off with a bang. Seriously, people were already hooking up- Cory & Kailah & Anthony & Marie were ready to get it on before night fell. We met this cast full of people who haven’t won a challenge & they think they’re headed to a mansion, but WRONG! They are sleeping with mosquito netting in these huts- HILARIOUS. They have to win their way into the actual house. TJ tells them no champions are playing & they erupt in cheer. But the joke’s on them because we know Cara Maria, Laurel, Zack, Bananas & more are coming for them. Also, the betrayal & back stabbing arrived quickly when Sylvia voted Tony in. The best part though were the home videos of the champions getting ready, especially when Johnny thanked Sarah for the house he just purchased. I can’t wait for the next episode.

EPISODE TWO:  Another week & another very entertaining episode is in the books. Watching this episode had me cracking up from the beggining.  The teams each had a strategy & yet every plan called apart. Funniest parts-When Anthony was standing on his float in the water & it flipped & when Cory’s dumb ass fell off his float. I was shocked to see Hunter & Ashley win the first challenge. Congrats to them though & shout out to AYTO cast- killing it right off the bat. After the win, Hunter got turnt up & was calling out everybody! He was screaming & yelling & Cory’s sensitive ass got all butt hurt. The week’s elimination vote was BLAH- nothing like last week’s scandal with Tony. Theo was talking so much trash leading up to the elimination, so he volunteered thinking he would be a hero. WRONG! Theo totally bitched out when he refused to jump off the cliff. His pompous ass is outta here! Now where the hell are these Champions?!?

EPISODE THREE:  This has been a great season so far, and this one is the best yet.  This week challenge was really fun to watch.  Having young adults tumble around a cage was comical.  Hearing the strategies and watching the contestant trying to implement them was a great fail that had me laughing.  Now there are only a few contestants that have not been granted a pass to the mansion, so the stakes were high this week.  I am not partial for any one person to win but seeing the old-timer Shane come out with the W was awesome.  Now this has to be my favorite elimination round of all time.  Climbing stairs is no joke, but to get a view from atop the temple must have been beautiful.  But my favorite part of the episode was at the end of the show.  That is because the champs returned at the end of the episode, and the look on the contestants faces was priceless.  So I am Really looking forward to next week’s episode because the drama looks insane!

EPISODE FOUR: This week episode brought back the champs, and they look as if they were about to dominate this competition. But, when the men went head to head with the underdogs, the underdogs pulled out a big W. Even though they had a two person advantage it was still a major upset, and a statement for them. They women’s challenge played out how we expected and that is great. One of the high points for me in this episode was to see Daryl and Shane reunite. Remember they were on the Road Rules season campus crawl together, one of my favorite RR seasons. We also got to see everyone start to interact in the house together, drinking and yelling started very quickly. This lead to a team discussion by the underdogs, which then turned into a civil war among the group. Since it was the underdogs week to send a teammate into elimination they were trying to come up with a stagy. This did not work very well as some team member did not care about any strategy for the team. All the drinking and it made for very funny scene. Corey, have a girls back when she decides to drink a little more than she is used to. How are you going to leave someone hanging like that while they piss themselves in bed. They only though you had during that time is how that effects your image. I would of given you many props if you would have been the grown man and took care of Kailah. C,MON! There was not elimination round or even a vote to send someone into elimination. So I am assuming that this is where this week’s episode will begin. I cannot wait to see what happens next because I am really into this show.

EPISODE FIVE:  This episode to me was a bit uneventful.  We got to see the underdogs vote in their fellow teamates into the elimination round.  Suprise Suprise! Tony was voted in, and that is to bad he is one of my favorite contestants.  While Tony went head to head with S in the elimination chamber in a contest called tuk tuk bang-bang, Shane’s strategy proved to be more efficient as he eliminated Tony from the competition.  We also got to see Kailah out perform Sylvia in the elimination round, and was sent home.  This was definitely a was down episode, and I hope next week will be better.

EPISODE SIX:  This week we got to see a new challenge on the show.  The best part of the challenge was watching players try to balance on a spinning object above the water, only to see them fall and land in awkward positions.  Also, seeing these so-called champions get manipulated by Mr. Bananas, as he conned himself into getting to redo the challenge and avoid be put into the elimination chamber.  They soon realized this and the end right before TJ was announcing the winners and losers.  That being said Darrell lost this weeks challenge and was automatically sent to elimination to face Zach who was voted in by his team.  We also got to see Cara Maria face off with Ashley K in the elimination round.  This was a throw back elimination where we see both contestants grab a bar and wrestle to see who could hold on the longest.  Derrick and Wes had and epic battle many years ago with this challenge.  This elimination between Darrell and Zach was good  but it did not live up to Derrick and Wes.  But, we did see a good contest as Darrell came out victorious and sent Zach home for the season.  Also Cara Maria outlasted Ashley K and sent her packing.  This was a better episode, and I am looking forward to next weeks.

Episode 7:   This weeks episode we got to see our first challenge that involved eating food and a puzzle.  If I was in a challenge this would be one I would excel at, eating hot and gross food is easy work for me.  I would not be vomiting or dry heaving like these folks were doing on this episode.  The champions won this challenge, but it was the challengers week for the elimination round so we got to see Nelson defeat Dario for the mens round.  We also got to see Jenna send Sylvia in their elimination round.  But, the highlight on this episode for me was watching Ashley M losing her mind over the toilet seat.  Some would say she was overreacting, but I get it that was her safe place and someone interfered with that.

Episode 8:  This weeks episode had plenty of drunken drama which lead to lots of yelling and arguing.  Camila was the one that stood out as the loudest and most unpredictable as far as the contestants in the house.  But to me what I enjoyed most in this episode was the actual challenge.  The teams where hovering way above water on a platform that tilted back and forth.  there where two ropes that they contestant could hold to avoid falling.  Watching Shane go kamikaze and take out the opposing team was the best.  Going into the elimination was Darrell and Bannas.  We did not get to see who wins this elimination because the episode ended before the elimination was complete.  So we will start this upcoming episode getting to see who will stay and who will go.

Episode 9:  This weeks episode started with Darrell eliminating Bannas from the competition.  To bad for Bannas, he will not get to win this season.  The highlight of this episode was watching Shane stir the pot then throw some gasoline on a fire.  He had all of his teammates yelling at each other admitting that they talk shit about one another.  But, for me I really enjoyed him taking verbal jabs about his teammates, applying that they are all really dumb.  Seeing Corey head banging while he was brushing his hair was very funny.  The challenge this week seemed like a fun event.  I grew up on the lake tubbing behind a boat so to honest this did not seem to be that difficult of a challenge.  No elimination, maybe next week.

Episode 10:  This weeks challenge was watching these kids try to put together a puzzle/maze.  To me, the whole point of these types of challenges is so we can laugh and watch the contestant call each other stupid.  The best part of this episode was the elimination round.  The seeing Ashley win the rope tug by telling Amanda to let her was bizarre.  The seeing Nicole get turned up because she thought to see was treated unfairly was really funny.  Then she took that aggression out on Amanda and eliminated her from the game.  the men’s round was uneventful for the first few seconds.  Then Corey gets mad at Nelson assuming that he had screwed him over.  They get a little-heated jawing at each other and then separated with nothing more happening.  Before the episode is over they apologize and agreed that it’s all part of the game.  Shane was eliminated this episode, sad to see him go I was really rooting for him.


  • Ed Wood

    I love this show. I love the format change where the champions are being brought in late. Is there somewhere we can chat about this as the show is taking place?

  • Sarah Slusher

    Hi Ed! We are planning to live tweet some episodes. We are PST, so hope you can join us! Our twitter handle is @reallyintoblog We loved the 2 episode premier. How about you?

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