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Anyone that knows me knows that I am a FAN of Beverly Hills, 90210.  My obsession started in elementary school when I was arguing with my mom that “Donna Martin Graduates” was the right thing (I now see my mom’s side – Donna broke the rules and shouldn’t graduate – I get it mom). I had the Kelly, Donna and Dylan dolls. And then I watched the episodes in syndication in the 90’s.  I ate it up with a spoon every day when I came home from school. I became obsessed with Donna and David’s relationship, Valerie being evil, and Kelly being even worse than her.  My friends and loved ones have been tortured with my incessant watching of the episodes for decades.  I watched the 90210 reboot on the CW. Now, I am enraptured with Fox’s reboot BH90210.

The Cast Returns

The truly amazing part of the show is that everyone is back, with the huge, noticeable, heartbreaking exception of Luke Perry. I wept when he died, but he was too busy to return for the reboot anyway.  It was amazing that he gave his blessing before he passed.  Many of the cast have stayed far away from the show since its ending (I’m looking at you Brian Austin Green). I was really surprised to see the main cast back on board.  We even see Cindy Walsh make an appearance, but no one should hold their breath for Hilary Swank!

The Meta Experience

BH90210 is difficult to describe; just ask the cast.  Every interview comes with a “meta” explanation.  They are playing “heightened versions” of themselves.  Shannen Doherty isn’t playing Brenda, she is playing herself playing Brenda.  But honestly, once you watch the show it is not that confusing.  They are playing characters of themselves a la Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm (not that BH90210 should be compared with Curb – they are on totally differently levels and I totally understand that).

This is what makes the show so much fun.  Each character plays up real life problems or situations.  Tori Spelling is broke, has a ton of kids, and her husband doesn’t seem to be helping.  Jennie Garth is going through yet another divorce, Brian Austin Green has a famous wife, but it is not Megan Fox.  It works because Beverly Hills, 90210 was so famous for behind the scenes drama. The show is incredibly entertaining

BH90210  – Fun for Anyone

There is no denying that this show was made for the fans of the original.  Inside jokes, story lines that only those who watched closely remember, guest stars coming back.  Hell, I even read the books from cast members so that I could know the real inside story which is giving me some extra  It is important to know that BH90210 is campy fun for anyone that wants to take a chance on it.  It has all of the classic soap opera tropes – affairs, arguments, jealousy, fights and stalkers.  Any fan of light dramedy can get on board.

Original Easter Eggs

While anyone can enjoy, the show definitely rewards the long time fans.  Christine Elise, who played the disturbed Emily Valentine and was the real life partner of Jason Priestly, has a major role on the show.  The gang tries to exchange an egg which is a throwback to a classic high school ep.  I almost died when I saw that Tori’s on screen husband is played by her Lifetime classic Mother, May I Sleep With Danger costar.  We even get to see Jamie Walter, aka Ray Pruit, in a later episode.

BH90210, The Verdict

In my humble opinion, this show is amazing.  It is far from perfect, but if you are seeking for perfection from a reboot of a show that was soapy, imperfect and totally absent of awards in its originally run, then you are setting the bar too high. If you understand what this show wants to be and are ready to drop judgement, you will enjoy all of the nostalgic, campy goodness that it offers.

I am a Texan living in California with my husband Mark, my best pup Ziggy, and our two cats Marilyn and Goldie. I love reading, cooking, binge-watching great tv shows and staying up too late talking to my friends.

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  • Ami

    This was such a fun show! I really hope it gets picked up for a second season. It didn’t take itself too seriously and I thought it was really well done and a great homage to the original. That episode with Tori Spelling wearing that ridiculous outfit and tracking down Shannon Doherty was hilarious. And now I also want to see the reboot of the O.C. they kept mentioning 🙂

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