Book Review The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves Really Into This Goodreads
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Book Review: The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves

Book Review The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves Really Into This Goodreads

Book Review: The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves

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Publication Date April 2, 2019

Annika (rhymes with Monica) Rose is an English major at the University of Illinois. Anxious in social situations where she finds most people’s behavior confusing, she’d rather be surrounded by the order and discipline of books or the quiet solitude of playing chess.

Jonathan Hoffman joined the chess club and lost his first game–and his heart–to the shy and awkward, yet brilliant and beautiful Annika. He admires her ability to be true to herself, quirks and all, and accepts the challenges involved in pursuing a relationship with her. Jonathan and Annika bring out the best in each other, finding the confidence and courage within themselves to plan a future together. What follows is a tumultuous yet tender love affair that withstands everything except the unforeseen tragedy that forces them apart, shattering their connection and leaving them to navigate their lives alone.

Now, a decade later, fate reunites Annika and Jonathan in Chicago. She’s living the life she wanted as a librarian. He’s a Wall Street whiz, recovering from a divorce and seeking a fresh start. The attraction and strong feelings they once shared are instantly rekindled, but until they confront the fears and anxieties that drove them apart, their second chance will end before it truly begins.

Book Review: The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves

Jennifer: The Girl He Used To Know stole a little piece of my heart. I’m sad to see it end.

Sarah: So many book friends recommend this one & I can see why. I will miss Annika & Johnathan too, Jen!

Sweet, Sexy & Engrossing Read

Jennifer: Do you ever have one of those books on your ever growing TBR pile, and when you finally get it to it you’re so upset it took you so long to read it? That’s how I felt as I was reading this book. I should’ve known I would love this book by reading the back. Four of my favorite authors sang their praises. The Girl I Used To Know is a beautiful love story that is both sweet and sexy, and the last 30 pages will literally have you on the edge of your seat engrossed in every word.

Sarah: Honestly, the cover of this book deceives me. While I knew it was technically in the romance category, I didn’t expect a hot & heavy love story. As a romance lover, I’m pleasantly surprised by the sweet & sultry nature of this book. Don’t worry, it’s not a Jenny Holiday type of super hot romance. Instead, it’s a truthful & kind exploration of falling into an intimate relationship with someone you love dearly.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jennifer: Annika is unlike most girls her age; she’s brutally honest and never says the right thing in a social situation. When Jonathan and Annika were in college they met playing chess, and Annika knew the feelings she felt just being around him were different then she’s ever felt before. Jonathan is taken by this beautiful girl who is honest and charming, and even though she is very different, that’s what he likes about her the best. The two move slowly in the beginning and appear to have the perfect relationship until heartache tears the two apart and Annika needs time to recover on her own.

Sarah: The Girl He Used To Know features a feal character with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & I love it. Females with ASD are underrepresented in all forms of media, so I love getting to know Annika. Truthfully, Annika’s story is a novel in its own right.

Revisiting Your First Love

Jennifer: Annika and Jonathan have a history and memories that bind them together. When they see each other after years of distance, all of those emotions come flooding back. While they didn’t break up on the best of terms, their love for each other is so true and genuine they quickly start where they left off. They have things they need to talk about and decide if they want a future together. The two will be put to the test once again, and this time what’s important is coming out of it alive.

Sarah: This story is so tender. Tracey’s writing sends my mind to visit my first love. While reading The Girl He Used To Know, I’m back to a lovesick teenager. I don’t mean that in a trivial fashion. Through Annika & Johnathan, I remember how special it is to find someone who truly sees you & loves in spite of everything.


Jennifer: Tracey Garvis Graves writes a beautiful story of love and acceptance. I fell in love with the main characters and found myself cheering them on throughout the book. Just as I’m settling into the softness of the romance and relationship between these two, Tracey takes your heart and squeezes it tight. From page 249 until the end I’m pretty sure I read at the speed of light while holding my breath. Pick up your copy ASAP!

Sarah: What Jen said! I’ll be thinking of this story for a long while. I’m looking forward to reading more books by Tracey Garvis Graves.

Special thanks to Tracy Garvis Graves & St. Martin’s Press for providing my copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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Tracey Garvis Graves is the New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary fiction. Her debut novel, On the Island, spent 9 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, has been translated into thirty-one languages, and is in development with MGM and Temple Hill Productions for a feature film. She is also the author of Uncharted, Covet, Every Time I Think of You, Cherish, Heart-Shaped Hack, White-Hot Hack, and The Girl He Used to Know. She is hard at work on her next book.

Tracey loves to interact with her readers and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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