Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review
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Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review

Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener ReviewBrocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review

Ladies…….who’s ready for a silky hair revolution!? I am dying to tell you about the most fabulous hair straightener I have EVER used in the past 8 years. I am Really Into the Brocato Vibrastrait, a silk-plated, vibrating hair straightener. My teenage cousin first introduced it to me when styling my hair. I bought one at Ulta the very next day. I’m telling you….it has transformed my hair!

Good Vibrations

The purpose of the vibrating plates is to help separate the hairs, making it easier and more effective at straightening. With my thick hair, this feature makes the entire hair-straightening process faster. I no longer have to go over that same section of hair 10 times to get it pin-straight. The silk plates make my hair unbelievably shiny and soft. Every time I use it, someone asks me if I just cut my hair. That’s how healthy it makes my hair appear. The Vibrastrait is the only straightener I’ve used that seems to improve my hair health. The opposite of the damage that most heat tools cause.


I would 100% recommend the Brocato Vibrastrait for healthy, happy hair!

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