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Drugstore Lipstick Love

Drugstore Lipstick Love

I’ve got to tell you about my current favorite drugstore lipstick, NYX’s Butter Lipstick, Shade BLSO8 Mary Janes. It’s almost a wine red. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and Ivory Beige skin-tone. I must be stuck in the early 00’s because before this brand, if I wore lipstick, it was usually a shimmery pink or just a glossy nude tone – cue Britney Spears music right now. When it comes to colors as bold as red, I’ve always been a bit timid to try. This is a color I feel comfortable and confident in.

I have an uncanny ability to apply lipstick like a drunk girl in the back of some seedy bar’s poorly lit bathroom, no matter how hard I try. Imagine applying lipstick while off-roading over some giant rocks. It’s pretty awful. Maybe it’s the tilted angle of the lipstick, but this brand is so easy to apply and stay within your lip-line (I’m sure there’s a more scientific name but that’s what I’m calling it for now.)

Now for the best part. This brand glides on so unbelievable smoothly. No false advertising here. It really glides on like “Butter”.  Have you ever noticed how some lipsticks you apply make your lips look like you’ve been partying hard out in the desert at Burning Man? And I don’t mean in a chic, bohemian way, I mean in a Good God, get that poor girl some water and sunscreen STAT kind of way. When these little dry patches on your lips you may have never noticed look like boulders, boulders that you’ve now highlighted in bright red. This lipstick does not do that. The coat is not thin where you need to reapply but it’s also not goopy thick where you’re thinking you’re going to catch mosquitoes with it on.

Glides on smooth

But wait, it gets better, because this brand is priced at roughly $6 and can be found at most drugstores. Now, I’m my own Easter Bunny in that I hide things from myself and since lipstick is something you need to reapply constantly throughout the day, I tend to need replacements rather often. The price is so nice, I buy multiples of my favorite colors so I can leave one in my purse and in my car. Speaking of car, I usually don’t leave make-up in my vehicle during the Summer for obvious reasons. This past Fall, I was cleaning out my car and found that one of these little gems had fallen down in the abyss that is the crack between the car seat and the center console. It had survived and entire Texas Summer sitting in a hot car. Another win for this lipstick.

Cosmetic Freak

The only cons I have for it is pretty much the same issue you have with most lipsticks in that you have to reapply throughout the day and if you touch your lips, DO NOT touch anything else. I came home the other day to see these weird splotches on my chin and forehead. Apparently, I touch my face a lot. Now, I know why I kept getting those odd looks from people.

So in Summary


  • Smooth like it’s namesake “Butter”
  • Easy to Apply
  • Apparently it can conquer a Texas Summer in your car
  • Easy on the wallet….so you can buy more of it


  • Transfers easily
  • Reapply often (Like most other lipsticks)


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