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    Whiskey Cranberry Mule

    Whiskey Cranberry Mule I am Really Into a well made craft cocktail, but that is not always feasible for me to get on a Friday night.  When I don’t have the energy to go out or make something complicated, I rely on a few recipes.  I am Really Into simple, tasty cocktails that can be made at home.  The Moscow Mule is one of those drinks, and there are a hundred variations.  As much as I love vodka drinks, when it starts getting chilly a good whiskey cocktail is what I crave, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, I always have cranberries to spare.  This Whiskey Cranberry Mule really hits…

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    Apple Pie Martini

    Apple Pie Martini Who doesn’t love fall?  The air gets crisp, Sundays are filled with football, and pumpkin pie spice insanity sets in. With the first day of fall on Saturday, I decided I wanted a cocktail instead of coffee. This Apple Pie Martini recipe is crisp, spicy, sweet and delicious.  It also requires very few ingredients and is perfect for a Saturday night taking in an early sunset. Apple Pie Martini Ingredients I LOVE Martinelli’s Apple Cider and look for any excuse to use to buy one of the beautiful jars – like my Christmastime Hot Apple Cider with Rum.  I used that for my base and added, but…

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    Leilani Volcano Rum Drink Recipe

    Leilani Volcano Rum Drink Recipe Several years ago, Jessica & I traveled to Las Vegas together to see Boyz II Men. The concert was awesome. Wanya sweated on me, Shawn gave me a rose & Nate gave Jessica a rose. It was such a fun night. Prior to the concert, we all met at the bar. Jessica, Mark & Derek drank some fancy cocktails & chatted up the bartender. I specifically remember Jessica giving me a taste of her Old Fashioned with the bartender’s house-made bitters. UGH! As Jessica said, “It’ll put hair on your chest.” Now, she loved it, but I just can’t hang. I told them, see you…

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    Pina Colada On The Rocks Recipe

    Piña Colada On The Rocks Recipe Summer is here, and I have been dreaming of a vacation where I am sitting on the beach with a cocktail and a good book.  All the beaches near me are super chilly, but I can get close to my vacation fantasies on the weekend using my front porch, a book and this Piña Colada On The Rocks Recipe.  My neighbor Kim loves a good rum cocktail, and one day she came up with this one and we both fell in love.  It is a nice twist on the classic, and no brain freeze or blender required. The Ingredients Piña Coladas are pretty simple:…

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    Lemon & Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

    Lemon & Elderflower Champagne Cocktail My grandmother always orders Champagne Cocktails when we go out to dinner, and champagne was the drink of choice at most of our holiday family gatherings.  Champagne makes everything feel special – it turns breakfast into fancy brunch or a normal evening into a celebration.  I can’t put my finger on why we all love to drink champagne to toast special occasions, but the bubbly wine is present for many of life’s most precious moments.  That being said, I love having champagne any old time, but my champagne punch is dangerous and known to make people call in sick to work. I was searching for…

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    Irish Coffee Recipe

    Irish Coffee Recipe Irish Coffee is one of the classic cocktails.  You hear the term “Irish up the coffee” used very loosely, referring to putting any kind of liquor in coffee, but the real thing is done with Irish Whiskey.  Ireland is known for its cold, rainy weather, so it is no surprise that one of their signature cocktails is warm and cozy.  This Irish Coffee recipe is my take on the classic, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Ingredients The two most important things in Irish Coffee are, of course, coffee and whiskey.  It is extremely important you use high quality versions of both.  The coffee is where…

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    Cold Remedy Hot Toddy

    Even though spring is almost here, winter is still working her magic and the Cold and Flu Season is still upon us.  Most people at my office have succumbed to the flu, but not me!  I believe I owe my health this tough season to lots of citrus and a once a week consumption of this Cold Remedy Hot Toddy.Cold Remedy Hot Toddy This drink doesn’t just work to ward off the cold and flu, it helps when you are feeling sick as well.  This warm and cozy tea cocktail is a great way to combat the worst of winter. This recipe isn’t written in stone – feel free to…

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    Pomegranate Cherry Champagne Punch

    Pomegranate Cherry Champagne Punch I am Really Into Champagne Punch.  In my 20’s, it was a surefire way to get my girlfriends to come hang out with me by the pool.  Over time, my champagne punch became infamous, yet still requested on special occasions.  I have tweaked the recipe after MANY tastings, and what I have now I consider the perfect combination; Pomegranate Cherry Champagne Punch.  Use this recipe as a base and change the vodka to rum and use passion fruit juice.  Add different fruit to float – whatever you are Really Into! Rum is typically the liquor use in Champagne punch, but I have found that a good…

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    Namma’s Traditional Homemade Eggnog

    Namma’s Traditional Homemade Eggnog My grandmother, affectionately know as Namma, has several coveted recipes.  One of her Christmas specialties is homemade Eggnog.  It was always out Christmas morning in her big silver punch bowl – and us kids were never allowed to partake.  This eggnog is a little different than others because it is made with ice cream, so you can imagine how bad we all wanted a taste!  Now that I am a grown up I can have eggnog any time I want! Since we moved from Austin to California, I have been missing my annual taste of rich, creamy homemade nog, and the store brands just don’t cut…

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    Bonavita 8 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer Review

    Really Into Coffee To say that we are Really Into coffee in this house is an understatement.  Occasionally we will go to a coffee shop for a latte or other specialty drink, but mostly we are brewing at home.  We, like many others, start off every morning with a hot cup. I take one cup with me to work, but Mark tends to have a couple few cups to get his day started.  He also likes the process of brewing a fresh pot.  Picking out nice beans and grinding them at home is essential to our routine.  Mark has a certain way he measures, packs the coffee grounds into the…

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