• American Girl at Washington Square Mall Really Into This
    Sarah,  Shop,  Stores

    American Girl at Washington Square Mall

    I am Really Into going to the mall. So, when I heard there was a new American Girl at Washington Square Mall, we had to hit up the Grand Opening. We lucked out & received a free book to celebrate. My daughter Annabelle & I had a blast visiting American Girl at Washington Square Mall. I was reminiscing throughout the store because Jessica & I were Really Into reading the American Girl Series when we were younger. One weekend, we spent hours sitting in a Waldenbooks reading the Molly & Samantha books for a school project. I still have some of my old books. American Girl at Washington Square Mall…

  • Bailey Gilbeaux,  Shop,  Stores

    Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement

    Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement The bee’s knees. the cat’s meow, the shit……Kendra Scott jewelry is all of the above and we are really, and I mean REALLY, into it! We have been rocking these gemstone themed accessories for a while and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. The styles are always evolving and look good with everything, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Feast your eyes, because we’re about to show you some of our favorite pieces and tell you why we can’t live without them. Bailey: I discovered Kendra Scott around 2014 because a lot of my friends were wearing them and they were…

  • Sarah,  Shop,  Stores

    Really Into Nordstrom

    Really Into Nordstrom I am Really Into Nordstrom. For years, I carried the misconception that I had to spend a fortune to shop in Nordstrom. I thought it was for rich ladies who lunch & I was definitely not that demographic. I actually can shop at Nordstrom & I freaking LOVE it! Quality products, great customer service, a solid rewards program, a cafe if I get hangry shopping for bathing suits & endless Jo Malone samples. Nordstrom’s customer service is unbelievable. Several years ago when Derek & I were visiting Las Vegas, my dry skin was on fire. I ran to Nordstrom, where I previously purchased a MAC foundation & asked…

  • Amazon Books Washington Square Mall
    Sarah,  Shop,  Stores

    Amazon Books

    Amazon Books Opened October 25, 2016 I couldn’t wait to visit this store. Now, I also support my local bookstore, Powell’s & other independent booksellers because I’m a responsible reader & consumer. The truth is that I do have a soft spot for Amazon books. They saved me when I was living in rural Texas with no access to a great bookstore. The first thing I love about this store is that the books on the shelf are the same price as listed on Amazon at that current time. What that means though, is the reader will need to check or scan the product to find the price at the…

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