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Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement

Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement

The bee’s knees. the cat’s meow, the shit……Kendra Scott jewelry is all of the above and we are really, and I mean REALLY, into it! We have been rocking these gemstone themed accessories for a while and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. The styles are always evolving and look good with everything, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Feast your eyes, because we’re about to show you some of our favorite pieces and tell you why we can’t live without them.


I discovered Kendra Scott around 2014 because a lot of my friends were wearing them and they were a hot commodity on the jewelry market. I received my first pair of the classic “Danielle” style for my 21st birthday, after begging my mother numerous times. As a Mississippi State fan, I decided I wanted a maroon color with a gold trim (see below), and let me tell you, I wore those things everyday for a month. Thus began my obsession with Kendra Scott. Now, I ask for her jewelry for every birthday, every Christmas, and any other holiday. I also love getting them for my friends and family, and treat myself to new pieces every now and then. I currently have a total of eight pieces….oops.

Kendra Scott; "We're Obsessed" is an Understatement

I also have a white & gold “Elle” pair (smaller version of the “Danielle”) to compliment my “Rayne” long pendant necklace; a generous gift from the dance studio owner I worked for. The black & gold pair is the “Skylar” style, which I acquired when my mom stopped at the big Houston store and asked, “you want some more Kendras?” Uh, YES! DUH MOM! Then there’s the simple, gold “Sophia” drop pair that one of my best friends gifted me with when I graduated with my Master’s.

Kendra Scott also includes a collection of birthstone styles, such as my beautiful “Chevron Amethyst” Danielle pair below. I’m a February baby, so my sweet Mom gave me these as a gift last Christmas. You can also design your own pair (yup, you read that right) online or in store. I did so with the “Darcy” style customized with a rose quartz as the main stone, clear smoky stone up top, and gold metal trim. I love wearing this pair and telling anyone who asks, “oh, these are custom”. 😉

Kendra Scott; "We're Obsessed" is an Understatement

Kendra Scott has SEVERAL different styles to choose from, all elegant female names, as well as a variety of gemstones and pieces (earrings, necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets). My favorite dress-up earrings are my ivory & gold statement earrings, one-of-a-kind pair that I was given for Christmas two years ago. This pair isn’t even on the website or in-store anymore! I swear I’m the only person in Southeast Texas with this pair…..I like that.


The thing I like about Kendra Scott is that the styles are timeless while offering unique collections and colors. They are timeless and great quality. You can dress up T-shirts & jeans or wear them to cocktail event….always knowing you have on a one of a kind.
I’m tall so the long necklaces have great length on them and the chandelier earrings hang perfectly. If you haven’t tried Kendra Scott, U Really Need To…. I’m Really Into This….and you will be too!! Check out my pieces below:


PSA: Kendra Scott is no longer only designing jewelry; they’ve introduced a home collection as well. That’s right! They have decorative boxes, picture frames, trays, and jewelry stands galore. Currently redoing our entire Pinterest “home” board to cater to this. You can also design your own decorative boxes and picture frames……cue the tears of joy.


THE VERDICT – Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement

No matter your style, we guarantee Kendra Scott has something you will love and never want to take off. You can NEVER have too many KS pieces, and if anyone ever tells you different, either something is seriously wrong with them or they’re a dude (they just don’t understand). So, go ahead, check out Kendra Scott! We promise once you try it, you’ll be Really Into This forever.

Kendra Scott website.

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