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Cosmopolitan Cake

We have been cooking through the King Arthur Flour blog Cocktail cakes and now that we have made the last one, I am a little sad that we are finished!  Sarah made the White Russian Cake, The Dark & Stormy Cake and her favorite, the Banana Daiquiri Cake.  They all looked so beautiful.  I just don’t have the baking talent that she does!  Her cakes are aspirational and mine are reality.  I made the Manhattan Cake first, followed by the Cosmo Cake.  They were both delicious but they were not nearly as pretty.  That was no fault of King Arthur Flour, just my limited baking skills!!  Without further ado, the Cosmopolitan Cake:

First things first, the ingredients.

The recipe called for cranberry concentrate, so I just reduced the cranberry juice.  That was the only thing I had to buy!  I actually had all of the other ingredients in my pantry.

The first element of the cake that is made is the lime curd, and I have to say that it was my favorite part.  It really elevated the  cake to something very special.  It was a simple egg yolk, lime, lemon, butter, sugar and gelatin.

It had to be cooked over a double boiler, which I don’t have.  Anyone can finagle one at home though – check out my stack!

The addition of the orange liqueur in the batter was soooo good.  I could eat the batter by itself.  I think a good quality liqueur makes a big difference because it is not only going in the cake batter, it is going into the soak as well.  I also really enjoyed coloring the cake with the cranberry juice concentrate; it was a nice, natural way to give it the cosmopolitan flavor and color.  Because I made four layers, I did use some food coloring on two of them to have a nice effect when the cake was cut.


My friend Pam was flying in to visit from Austin for her birthday, so I wanted to make this cake impressive! When I made the Manhattan cake I felt that the layers didn’t rise as much as they should have, so this time I doubled the batter and decided to make a FOUR LAYER CAKE! Well, the layers rose well this time and I made a ginormous cake.  The biggest I have ever made.

I did such a terrible job frosting it.  I just don’t know what happened!!  This is seriously the best angle/picture I could come up with.  But, it looked pretty when the candles were lit, and I think the effort I put in was appreciated.

The layers were very pretty, and the cake was delicious!  I have dreams about that lime curd! It balanced the sweetness so well and was a great addition.

Thank you again King Arthur Flour for these cakes!  Sarah and I had a blast making them and we look forward to trying more of your blog recipes.

I am a Texan living in California with my husband Mark, my best pup Ziggy, and our two cats Marilyn and Goldie. I love reading, cooking, binge-watching great tv shows and staying up too late talking to my friends.


  • Pam

    Thank you friend for making me such a glamorous birthday cake! It was delicious! My favorite part was the lime curd, soooo good!

  • Sarah Slusher

    Icing still looks great and the lime curd sounds amazing. I might make these in cupcake form for a girl’s night. Love that you did the 4th layer!

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