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California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

California Olive Ranch Olive Oil
California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

Whether I am making my own recipes or cooking my Blue Apron meals, there are three ingredients that I almost always use: olive oil, salt and pepper.  Although these ingredients are really basic, it is important to make sure they are good quality.  Picking out salt and pepper is relatively easy (kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper), but olive oil is trickier. I have found my favorite all purpose olive oil; California Olive Ranch Olive Oil.  I am Really Into It.

The Dark Side of Olive Oil

Turns out you need to be picky when it comes to picking your oil.  Tom Mueller wrote the book Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil which uncovers the illegitimacy of olive oils being sold at stores.  According to Mueller, over 70% of what is labeled Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in fact a blend of other lower grade oils. Most of the olive oil labelled Italian is controlled by the Mafia.  60 Minutes did a report about a year ago covering the dark world of food copying in Italy and how farmers are trying to ban together to take back control.  I am happy I have found California Olive Ranch Olive Oil.

Choosing the Right One

I am lucky because here in Northern California I have access to a lot of local olive oil.  In my small city alone there are three places where I can do tastings.  However, it is not always feasible to spend money on expensive oils or go to a specialty store every time.  This is why the California Olive Ranch Olive Oil has been a life saver – it is both affordable and widely available.  Most importantly, I trust it.

California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

I kept seeing California Olive Ranch Olive Oil in my grocery store, so I did some research. All of the olives are grown sustainably in California. I like the idea that I am buying oil not just from the United States, but from the state that I live in.  It supports our local economy and I know that I am getting a good product.  I have also tried their higher end olive oils, like the Aberquina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and been happy with them too.  Their website is amazing.  It is full of information, recipes and they even have a blog!  I love to read their tips for using olive oil in ways other than cooking.  I know I am making the right decision in purchasing their oils – they clearly have nothing to hide.  Plus, they have great recipes to try.

The Verdict

As the basis of so many dishes I make at home, a good quality olive oil is very important to me.  Do some research and see for yourself and find a quality product that is available to you. My recommendation is to go with a local, pure oil, and I am Really Into California Olive Ranch Olive Oil. Thank you for making my decision so easy!



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