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Movie poster Frozen 2
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My family & I watched Frozen 2 last night & I’m ready to see it again. Much of what we loved from the first film still reigns true. Frozen 2 is a tale about love, power, sisters, trusting yourself, acceptance & bravery. Yet, Frozen 2 takes a much deeper dive into many darker themes. I love it.

Raising a Daughter in the Time of Elsa & Anna

Almost 6 years ago, my daughter & I ventured to the same theatre & audibly gasped when Elsa saunters towards the audience. What a moment! As soon as we went home, my girl turns to me & says, “I want to grow out my hair.” Well, she succeeded. Last night she whispered to me, “My hair is longer than Elsa’s.”


I’ve spent countless hours watching Frozen, singing along to the soundtrack & watched hundreds of live performances of ‘Let It Go’. I even hunted down Elsa’s dress that Christmas to no avail.

When Frozen arrived in theaters, my daughter was 5 years old. What an age to experience a glorious ice princess coming into her own. Let’s not forget about Anna. She’s a relatable & lovable character who is brave, naive, inexperienced & REAL. As my daughter explains, she has no magical powers, climbed the North Mountain, is struck in the heart with ice & nevertheless, she persisted! Also, what other Disney princess drools in her sleep?

Recently, my daughter turned 11 years old. I’m telling you, this movie & it’s darker themes hit home for the both of us. While some folks tracked down blogs, trailers, music & more, I shied away from any and all hint of the movie. I really wanted to balance my expectations. If you’re taking young kids, you may like this guide from Entertainment Weekly.



I’m so glad I’m raising a daughter in a time where movies like Frozen & Frozen 2 exist. For a movie to address death, grief, independence, breaking free, reparations, integrity & more.

We see Anna tackle death, grief, anxiety & depression in “The Next Right Thing”. Y’all, I have to watch the movie a second time before I can really wrap my head around it. All I can say is I was crying like a baby. Anna is so brave in this moment. She shows that it’s okay to be sad & afraid. When we feel like all hope is lost, we put one foot forward & focus on the next right thing.

When Idina Menzel (Elsa) sings “Show Yourself” OMG CHILLS! Her entire life, Elsa is searching for her place in the world. She finds it here. It’s full circle. The water stallion, crossing the icy water & tying her hair back into a ponytail. Elsa is such a badass & it shows here more than ever. My daughter & I had a long talk about the ongoing discussion of Elsa as a queer icon.

“Into The Unknown” is SO good. I’ve already memorized the lyrics & dare I say it’s the new, “Let It Go”. Elsa tries her best to resist the siren’s song, but alas she cannot. She is so determined to know what’s


out there, she’s going to find out for herself.

A real tearjerker for me is when the music for “Vuelie” hits. This is one of my favorite parts of Frozen & to hear it again in Frozen 2 gave me chills. Now, we know the significance of it & my heart can hardly handle it.

The lullaby “All is Found” is deep & meaningful & I need a seconds & third look to really grasp it. “Lost in the Woods” has an amazing ’80’s rock vibe & of course, Olaf is wonderful in, “When I Am Older”.


Frozen 2 is undoubtedly the best Disney sequel. I will see it a few more times & likely add to this post. If you’ve seen it, I would love to chat all about it!

Elsa in Frozen 2 / Credit: Disney

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