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Knives Out

Knives Out | Lionsgate

Thankfully, we snagged tickets to the Early Access Premiere of Knives Out. You can look for it in theatres on November 27th. Of course, you want to watch a movie about a dysfunctional family during the holiday season, right?

Knives Out & Knits In

Knives Out has been on my radar for ages. Earlier this year, the film was heavily promoted curing Crime Con. For one, it stars America’s Ass, Chris Evans. This role is a big departure for America’s golden boy as he plays Ransom Drysdale. Gone are the days of integrity, valor & shields. Instead, audiences are in store for disdain, cockiness & a smug attitude. Whatever Evans does, I’m all in. Let’s be honest, chunky knits never looked so good.

Claire Folger | Lionsgate

Daniel Craig is winning a damn Golden Globe for his performance as Benoit Blanc. I’ll never think of doughnut holes the same. His accent is spot on, his inflection is perfect & he kills this performance. Craig rides the line of an old school detective without overacting the part. He’s a hoot.


If You Love a Good Mystery, You’ll Love Knives Out

Agatha Christie & classic mystery lovers rejoice. On the night of his 85th birthday, a patriarch dies. Left behind is his miserable ass family. Secrets, deals, hurt feelings & dependency are ripe amongst the Thrombey family. After the burial, it seems as though the dust is settling. Yet, detectives want to question the family one more time. Enter Daniel Craig as Blanc. He’s going to get to the bottom of the story.

From here we retrace the steps of each family member. Each character is memorable, believable in his/her own way & I’m so intrigued. There’s nothing like a good family drama.


Do yourself a favor and take your own dysfunctional family to see Knives Out this Thanksgiving. The bickering, the lies, the money, the deadbeats – we all have them in the family tree. The Thrombeys are fun, clever, quick & this is a great film!

After you see Knives Out, check out Frozen 2. If you’re in the mood for a great murder mystery after watching Knives Out, be sure to read Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber.


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