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Getting Really Into TEAVANA


Jessica is all about that Apple Cider Vinegar drink, but I’m not ready to hop on the ACV train just yet. I am; however, slowly stepping Into the Tea pool.

I drink Iced Tea in the summer, but that’s as far as I’ve gone with Tea & I wouldn’t even call this first base. I’ve slowly been getting Really Into Tea & my gateway drug was this Royal English Breakfast Tea with a Starbucks Mango Syrup. It doesn’t taste like potpourri, is tasty either cold or hot & I feel pretty fancy & bougie when I drink anything with the name Royal. A few cups in, I went to get more bags from my Starbucks store & they were out-ugh. This lead me to Tea Nirvana  TEAVANA.

The manager was Really nice & helpful. Baby D had a coupon- SCORE! We got to smell a bunch of teas and taste a few. We wound up getting this starter kit & it was a pretty sweet deal. A reverse french press to brew the tea, a bag of rock sugar (evidently made from beets) & a gold canister. The kit is about $30, but we had a $10 off $30 purchase from signing up for e-mails, so that was a pretty good deal.

There were a few other things I learned at TEAVANA. If you have a Starbucks reward, you can put it towards the purchase of 1 oz of loose leaf tea & that is a hell of a deal because the more expensive teas can run close to $13 an oz. Luckily, my fave is only about $2.50 an oz. but I’m going to plan to use my rewards to try out some expensive ass tea. I was told you can get 2 free oz. a day.

The last thing I learned was all about Ms. Oprah Chai Tea Latte Winfrey. Evidently, her Tea was modeled after the Maharaja Chai Tea Oolong, but she added black pepper to make your tongue numb. This is seriously what the manager said. Evidently some people are Really Into having a numb tongue, so Oprah Chai Tea is for you, my friend. I took a chance on the ‘Champagne of Tea’ Darjeeling de Triomphe.  It smelled Really good & you’re supposed to be able to get more brews out of the more expensive teas.

Also, as I’m writing this I am realizing the prices per oz. are definitely cheaper online, so I’m buying there next time. There’s also a ‘Tea of the Month Club’, not to be confused with Clark Griswold’s ‘Jelly of the Month Club’. I want to know what other teas y’all are Really Into. I’ve tried Earl Grey & I couldn’t stand it. Maybe I tried a weird brand or something, but I was definitely not Into it. As always, please let me know what you’re Really Into; I don’t want to miss out.



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