Haim Band Album Review Something to Tell You Really Into This
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Haim Album Review Something To Tell You

Haim Album Review Something To Tell You
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Haim Album Review Something To Tell You

When I saw this trio perform “Little Bit of Your Love” on Saturday Night Live, I was instantly enamored with Este’s bass face. Seriously, Google it, watch it, appreciate it, know & love it- it’s stellar.

Then my Entertainment Weekly came and it had a huge article on these three sisters from California and I fell hard in love with them. I “met” Danielle, the middle sister that plays drums in the studio & guitar and lead vocals. There is Baby Haim, Alana who is a champ piano/keyboard player, guitar player & is listed in this article as a multi-instrumentalist. Este is obviously the bassist & back-up vocals. Apparently, Este gave out her phone number to their fans, who she just calls friends, and she answered every single voicemail, text, etc. That’s dedication to the folks that love you. I started listening to their songs on repeat & I am Really Into This group, Haim. Their newest album, Something To Tell You, dropped 7.7.17 & I spent that day listening to it on repeat.
 The newest album, Something To Tell You is my newest obsession. My verdict is that I’m Really Into this album & it will be on heavy repeat in my car. I apologize right now to Baby D & the kids. Not since Miguel’s Wildheart have I fallen so deeply in love with an album. I just bought tickets to see Haim when they come to Portland in September. Like I said, I’ve fallen down my rabbit hole again & this time it’s with Haim.
“Something to Tell You” has a Wilson Phillips vibe (in the best way) & the harmonies are hypnotizing. It’s the title of the album & sets the tone.
 ‘Cause I got something to tell you/ but I don’t know why/ It’s so hard to let you know that we’re not seeing eye to eye/ Because I know if I tell you that everything’s alright/ Oh, we could stay in this moment, I’d never say goodbye
Haim Album Review Something To Tell You

“Night So Long” is a bit melancholy, but damn, does Danielle’s voice soar. It’s enchanting.

Then I say goodbye to love once more/ No shadow darkening the door/ Until your memory is gone/ The night, slow, long
“Right Now” is a trance-like ode to an asshole who did you wrong & now wants you to drop everything for them. Hell, no.
Gave you my love, thought I could trust you/ You let me down at every turn/ You had me hanging on a dream you never believed/ You gave me your word
“Ready for You” is a song I Really love on this album. It’s for the one that got away. It’s upbeat & so sweet. The girl’s been done wrong by her ex & like Kevin Hart, “she wasn’t ready” when this good guy came into her life.
I promise I’ll treat you right/ Been waiting my whole damn life/ Baby, it’s about time/ I wasn’t ready for you
Haim Album Review Something To Tell You
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“Kept Me Crying” Another upbeat song with the hell of a guitar solo. This song is real & sad. A girl waiting around for the drunk text from her ex. She doesn’t want to, but she does it anyway.  Like I said, sad, but real.

I was your lover/ I was your friend/ and now I’m only just someone you call/ when it’s late enough to forget
“Want You Back” If you can listen to this and Haim doesn’t win you over, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you like pop music at all, you will love this song. You can chill to it, dance to it & it’s about a girl admitting she was wrong & she wants her sweet guy back. How can you not love it?

I’ll take the fall and the fault in us/ I’ll give you all the love I never gave before I left you/ Just know that I want you back

“You Never Knew”  This has a 70’s easy listening vibe to it, but I’m actually all good with it. Haim has received many comparisons to Fleetwood Mac & I totally get it. It’s like Fleetwood Mac & Daft Punk ala “Get Lucky” had triplets- I love it.
I need to hear you say it/ Was my love too much for you to take?/ I guess you never knew what was good for you

“Walking Away” displays some breathy vocals with a nice beat & a solid 90’s R&B girl group flavor. Obviously, I’m Into it & my favorite part is when they repeat “say something, say something, say something”. This song is so smooth it’s hard to forget this song is about a girl giving her POS guy the finger and she’s leaving his ass.

Away, I’m not gonna wait/ Nothing you could say that’ll make me rethink/ Every chance that we had and messed up/ All the times it got away from us

If you’re not familiar with Haim, check out some of their videos. They’ve got these sweet choreographed dance moves & their videos represent their ‘vision’ if you ask me. No one else is doing music videos like Haim. This is an older song, but this video is amazing!


Buy this album, my friends, because I want to listen to it together and talk about it! One of the reasons I love this group is because I think if I met Haim, we would be Into the same stuff. I mean, they would rather have a pizza party in their tour bus than go clubbing. That’s my kind of folk right there. What’s your favorite album or group at the moment?

I’m also Really Into Lady Gaga & Bailey loves Bruno Mars.

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