Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour
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Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour

Please tell me you are going to see the Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour! If not, you are Really missing out.

Who is Todrick?

Todrick Hall is amazing. A Texas boy with a gift from God, a songwriter, an actor, a Broadway star, was on American Idol & had his own MTV show. He has over 436 million views on YouTube with no end in sight. We account for a million of those, at least. He’s a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, just finished his turn as Lola in Kinky Boots & he is SO good to his fans. We can’t get enough of him. Once you watch and/or listen to him; you’re hooked for life.

Straight Outta Oz

Last year, he released this visual album, Straight Outta Oz. We watched it the day it came out & have been hooked ever since. My kids know all the words to every song, Channa tells everyone she knows that Todrick is the best singer in the world & we are stoked we can see this show again.

From what I remember, Todrick penned this album because he tried out for the NBC Live version of The Wiz & Really hoping we would be cast as the Scarecrow. He’s a lifelong lover of The Wizard of Oz. When he didn’t get the part, he harnessed his energy into creating an autobiographical tale based on The Wizard of Oz storyline. Sound weird- well, it’s not; it is brilliant.

Derek & I saw the show in Portland last summer & I believe we were one of the first tour stops. We were stoked to see Todrick, Chester, Jesse, Jenni, Brittanie & the gang. We were also introduced to some amazing new talents like the amazing Judith Franklin. I mean- listen to this voice!


The rest of the cast is unreal. OMG, my girl Meg Fulms with that hair is missing this year, Brittanie Brant still has all the moves &  E.J. kills it in the Bob the Drag Queen role. No one else is doing what Todrick is doing. He and his crew continue to push themselves 2 steps forward every time & I’m continuously amazed by their creativity & talent.

Straight Outta Oz Deluxe Album

The Deluxe Album has Tracie Thoms, Tamar Braxton, Todrick’s frequent collaborator Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Raven Symone, RuPaul Charles, Nicole Scherzinger, Perez Hilton, Pentatonix & more!

Todrick recently released a Deluxe Version of Straight Outta Oz with a few extra songs & newer versions of music videos. ‘Low’ is definitely my favorite. I mean, RuPaul rapping & driving a chariot & those translucent feathers are everything to me. I’m also in love with the evil, dark witch- she’s straight out of my worst nightmare, but I also want to be as mysterious & beautiful as her. Is you a good witch, or just a bad bitch?

‘Expensive’ is amazing too & features some of the drag queens from the newest cast of Rupaul’s Drag Race. I die every time I see Kim Chi’s make-up & Alaska never disappoints. Also, Farrah Moan looks so good on this video & I’m obsessed with Todrick’s swagger in that red suit. I would do anything for that red fur stole!

Celebs Love Todrick

We got to geek out at our last show with none other than Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn. LOVED how Jerry & I had matching ‘Wrong Bitch’ T-shirts. My girl, Virgina Cavaliere killed it on stage with Rebecca & Jerry.

Loyal Toddlerz

We are SO pumped to see the Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour because we will be surrounded by fellow Toddlerz! There is nothing that makes me happier than being Really Into something & meeting other people who are into the same things. It’s pretty much the whole point of this blog. Todrick has the best fans-seriously he does! Look at what one of his superfans, Micayla, made for him last year. She also made a similar one for Kinky Boots. She’s amazing & we love her dance videos breaking down the choreography. Channa is trying to figure out what she wants to work on for Todrick & Micayla gave us some definite inspiration.


Just please know, we are Really Into Todrick Hall & everything he does. We are proud Toddlerz, proud fangirls & fanboys & we love him so much because he is true to himself, brave & I’m so thankful he shares his talents with us.

Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour

About Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour Really Into This
Todrick Hall

Creator, writer, director, singer, actor, dancer, producer, choreographer. From original written and choreographed music videos, such as Virgin America’s safety video, the opening number to The 2014 Kids Choice Awards, and upcoming Target spots, Todrick Hall has mastered the art of blending live experiences with social media. He recently helped choreograph “Blow,” one of the videos off of Beyonce’s critically acclaimed visual album and was featured in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list. With a hyper-engaged audience fueled by his breakout appearance on American Idol, and that has grown with his ingenious YouTube musical parodies, Todrick is rapidly becoming one of the next great powerhouses in entertainment.

Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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