Joanne by Lady Gaga
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Joanne by Lady Gaga

Joanne by Lady Gaga

Joanne by Lady Gaga

Released October 21, 2016

Can I just say that My Lady does no wrong?

I have loved Lady Gaga since I first heard, “Just Dance”. Little did I know how her fame, fashion & songs would evolve. I love anyone who does what the hell they want to do with little to no regard for criticism & my Lady certainly does just that. I am a proud Little Monster.


So, Joanne. We know Joanne was written & inspired in large part by her Aunt who passed away due to complications from lupus before Gaga was born. I’ve been listening to this album on repeat since I got it. My favorite song on the album is, “Million Reasons” & the video just released this past week.

 This was my Facebook message after watching. I’ve been waiting for this video since Joanne was released. When I listen to this song, I think of my girls, my ladies, my sisters that are there to help me climb out of my hole when I fall down. I am so incredibly grateful, lucky & proud to have my crew that would rescue me when I’ve hit rock bottom in the desert. I can’t watch this video without crying. You girls know who you are & you are part of my reason to stay. Love you all. I mean is this video & song is beautiful, stunning & amazing. I don’t know if someone could watch this & not connect in some way.


“A-YO” is another single on the album & my kids love it. I especially loved the SNL performance. I mean that outfit & singing along side Mark Ronson. If I was her, I would wear nothing but that outfit everyday. LOVE it!

Check out this look by one of my favorite queens, Roxxxy Andrews. Damn, she is too good.

Hey Girl

This is another one of my favorites off Joanne, “Hey Girl” with Florence Welch. I hope this is released as a single. It’s too good. LOVE the part, where she says, help me hold my hair back, walk me home cause I can’t find a cab & let’s hold hand like we’re 17 again. I mean, isn’t that what you want out of your girlfriends?

Pinot Grigio Girls

I also really like “Pinot Grigio Girls”. I mean how can I not like a song with the lyric, “a Texas girl real strong”? This song is about having great friends, supporting each other & even though I prefer Pinot Noir, I still love it. This is an interview about the inspiration behind the song.


This was a different album from Gaga, but I love that about her. She always does what she wants, not what you would expect from her. She’s got a voice like no other, she is involved in causes that speak to her & I will FOREVER be really into her.

My lady continues to slay & here’s one of my all-time favorites, just for the hell of it. This was my ringtone for about 8 years.

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