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Halloween Romance Novellas

It’s here – our list of Halloween Romance Novellas is here! My buddy Amy from Novelgossip & I are such fans of all things Halloween. It’s my favorite time of the year! From making my own tombstones, life-size Michael Myers in the front yard, and all the Halloween baking treats – I can’t get enough. We try to read along with the holidays, but it always seems like we’re not able to read enough as the seasons pass so quickly. That’s why novellas are such a great option. Some of these can be read in less than fifteen minutes while others are a bit longer. Either way, these Halloween Romance Novellas are sure to help you to bring in spooky season!

The Halloween Bet by Abby Knox

If you’re in the mood for a steamy Halloween novella, grab this one! It’s a fun, second-chance romance and has a bit of action/suspense that I wasn’t expecting. A great fall-themed romance! 

Dive bartender Blake Pritchard has zero interest in joining in the silliness of his town’s Fall Festival, including a new ghost tour of a house that’s definitely not haunted. Blake’s ex girlfriend and local historian Dahlia Jordan is determined to get Blake into the spirit, and bets him that he won’t last one night at the haunted house without getting properly spooked.

This is a very quick, silly, sexy short-read stand-alone about second chances. HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger. Includes a dunk tank, pound cake, dubious points of interest, and lots of other Halloween festival shenanigans. This book contains graphic sexy times. Intended for readers 18 and older!

Bewitching You by Katana Collins

Oh, this was a super cute and wonderful fall romance! Open door, heroine named Kandi Cornne, farm boy hero, I just loved it and I’m delighted there are more holiday novellas by this author!

When you have a name like Kandi Cornne, you’re destined to either become a stripper… or own a candy store.
For me? It’s the latter.

That’s right, my name is Kandi and I own a candy store in the quaint New England town of Maple Grove. Which in October? It means three things:
1) Tourists are coming in droves for “leaf-peeping” season
2) My candy store business is booming
3) The sexy pumpkin farmer, Ford Kane is everywhere

Since he harvests pumpkins and I sell candy, Halloween is both of our prime seasons and our businesses often cross. Even though he’s hated me for years, ever since his best friend and I broke up, we need to find a way to work together in a civil manner.While I may not be able to soften that grim demeanor of his… the five black kittens we find might.

If only he knew how much he had me purring as well…

Trick by Shae Sanders

A date set up by friends, a hay ride gone awry, but there’s something happening between these two. At only 30 pages, this one goes from sweet to hot in a quick second. Such a fun and sexy Halloween read.

Denard and Tyra go on a date that doesn’t go quite as planned…but that was the plan all along.

This is book 1 of Halloween Stories and can be read as a standalone.

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Treat by Shae Sanders

Oh my gosh, someone bring me a fan because I am overheated from this steamy as hell novella. This one is super sexy and hot. Loved the dynamic of the male main character not having a huge sex drive yet his female partner does. Was great to see how the author handled him going out of his comfort zone to please her. Hell yes for established couples in romances! A super sweet and sexy Halloween rendezvous. Loved it and would reread it in a heartbeat.

A longtime couple taking things to the next level. It took him a while but Mike finally understands what his lady needs. It’s Halloween and he has plans for her.

This is Book 2 of the Halloween Stories but it can be read as a standalone.

Sanguine by Sierra Simone

A vampire on vacation catches the attention of a former priest and ex-vampire hunter. A knock on the door leads to much more in this hot endeavor. y only complaint is this novella isn’t longer. So good!

Bastien is a vampire on vacation, and like any other vampire on vacation, all he wants to do is sleep all day and drink lots of wine. (And maybe some blood too. You know. If the opportunity arises.)

Which makes it very irritating when a vampire-hunting priest wakes him up at a super bright and sunny hour to kill him. But this vampire hunter happens to be very handsome . . .

And Bastien happens to be so very thirsty . . .

The Tenant by Katrina Jackson

Stop what you’re doing and read this book! This book is set in Louisiana which gets bonus points from me seeing as how my first ghostly encounter occurred in the bayou state. Yes, this is a ghost story in a haunted house, but it’s more than that. It’s a family mystery, a trip back in time. It’s emotional, sensual, creepy at times – basically everything I want from a spooky romance and so much more.

Noel – Okay, so my life is officially at rock bottom. I’m 26 with nothing more to show for myself than a mountain of debt I can’t pay back because I just got fired from my job as an assistant manager at a third-rate fast food chain. So, when I get a phone call from a rude lawyer telling me that my great aunt Sophie has died and she’s left me a house – a whole damn house! – in Alexandria, Louisiana, I jump at the opportunity to skip out on next month’s rent, since I can’t afford it anyway.

I maybe should have thought about this a little bit longer, because what I find when I get to the house on 2320 Fleur Belle Court is a two-story Victorian dump. The floors creak, the water temperature is either ice cold or scalding hot and I swear it feels like there’s someone watching me. I’m pretty sure this place is haunted.

Ruby – Of course, this house is haunted. I’ve been here since 1933 and nothing is getting me out of here, especially not Noel Delisle. His people stole this house from my cold dead hands, and he’ll get what his ancestors had coming.

Too bad. He’s the prettiest Delisle I’ve ever seen and sometimes I swear he can see me and feel me. I can sure feel him.

Boo’ed Up by Danielle Allen

A college student returns home for the weekend to nurse a breakup and attend her friend’s Halloween party. She’s introduced to a handsome guy and they connect over their shared disdain for the Ouija board. Cue a giant thunderstorm, home alone and the sparks fly. Once things get going, this novella is hot. Add in spells, secrets and a bit of a cliffhanger and you’ve got a memorable halloween novella.

Returning home to attend my childhood friend’s Halloween party was perfect timing for me. But I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to meet up with Hannah and her friends.

Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade

This book is such a blast and my first Halloween novella, so you know it had to make the list of Halloween Romance Novellas. I read it based on the cover alone and didn’t realize it was basically Hocus Pocus fan fiction. So fun. If you’re a fan of the movie, and who isn’t, this is a fun and sexy Halloween romp with a ghost.

Dani – So, I think my apartment is haunted. No. Really.

Spooky things have been happening to me ever since I moved in last year. At first, I ignored them. Later, I got used to the idea that I shared my place with a ghost. I even called him Casper. We got along just fine.

Until a sexy hunk showed up the night before Halloween and told me that his name wasn’t Casper—it was Zack. And that, on All Hallow’s Eve, certain ghosts sometimes have the power to cross over into the human world. Which he did, because he loves me. Okay then.

Zack – I’m in love. The only problem? She’s alive. And me?

I’m kinda not. At least, I’m not on every day except for October 31st. Because on Halloween? Anything goes.

I want Dani. And even if it’s only for the one night when ghosts can cross over to the living world, I’ll take what I can get. Because I love a mortal, and it’s not just hocus pocus.


Pumpkin Pounder by Laura Lovely

Halloween night and a penchant for redheads. Enough said! ThisHalloween romance novella is a steamy, funny & a total blast!

I love redheaded men. Yes, redheads. Any shade from strawberry to bright sunset to hot-rod red. I love gingers and they love me. I love the way their freckles stand out. I love the way their necks get red when they get hot, sunburned or turned on. I love the way I can spot one in a room and know they’re going to be mine.

I love them so much, I’ve earned a nickname: Pumpkin Pounder. (I’m not going to put that on my resume, but it suits me.)

The one thing I love as much as redheads is Halloween night in New York City, so when my friend invites me to a wild costume party aboard an old tug boat, I’m ready for anything…especially meeting the perfect guy.

The perfect, redheaded guy…with an Irish accent.

Problem is, what if I want him for more than one night?

If you enjoyed this list of Halloween Romance Novellas, check out my recs for Holiday Romance Novellas!

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