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Lucky Charms Chocolate Cake

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Lucky Charms cereal. Seriously, even to this day my Grandmother always has a fresh box for me when I visit. One of my favorite things in the world is a bowl filled with freshly opened Lucky Charms, really cold whole milk & a large spoon. I don’t mess around with the small ones.

One summer when I was about 8 years old, Lucky Charms packed this tiny cake mix, frosting and pan into the box. You mixed it with water and microwaved it for about a minute & then iced it with the creamy chocolate frosting. The cake was chewy because it was cooked in the microwave. I remember my Grandma not letting me watch it while baking to steer clear of the microwaves. Their microwave was serious business. It had a huge handle like an oven door & when it was on, it make 2 gray lines on the TV. Then I stacked my cake high with as many marshmallows as I could cram on top. It was magical, sweet & to be 8 years old & have a chocolate cake just for me was incredibly satisfying.

Those times are long gone, my friends. I’ve got to make my cakes the old fashioned way & I haven’t found a personal cake mix in my cereal box since. What a time it was to be a sugared up child of the 1980’s. I often think about this chocolate cake & after my Unicorn Hot Chocolate was topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows, I challenged myself to recreate one of my childhood obsessions. I used the Guinness Chocolate Cake recipe & made a chocolate cream cheese frosting. It wasn’t as fudy as my cereal box version, but I knew my kids would love this lighter frosting. Perhaps the best part was sorting the marshmallows with Bailey. Now, fair warning that the marshmallows will start to be soggy after sitting on the icing a while, so best to top them right before serving. We did an ombre type of look, but who knows what we will do next time. All I know is that I’m Really Into Lucky Charms. 

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