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    Snow Bunny Cocktail

    Snow Bunny Cocktail One of the benefits of living in Northern California is the proximity to Tahoe; at least I hear that is a benefit.  Somehow I haven’t made my way up there yet.  This winter, two of our friends made the 3 hour trek to spend a romantic weekend, and came back raving about a delicious cocktail they had.  We had to recreate it at home.  The Snow Bunny Cocktail is a heavenly rum and coconut hot chocolate.  A few simple ingredients and you have the perfect drink to cuddle up in front of the fire.  This beverage does not disappoint. Snow Bunny Cocktail Hot Chocolate The Snow Bunny…

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    Texas Sheet Cake Cupcake Recipe

    Texas Sheet Cake Cupcake Recipe We love a good Texas Sheet Cake at my house. Growing up, my grandmother made them frequently. Bummer for me though because she always put pecans in the frosting. Yes, I realize that most people love the chocolate & pecan combo, but not me. I’m what my momma would call a purist. Quickly, I honed my Texas Sheet Cake skills as I wanted my own cake sans pecans. For as long as I can remember this is the cake that is suitable for any and all occasions. I never thought about changing it up until Amanda Faber, of my favorite baking podcast, Flour Hour mentioned a Texas Sheet…

  • Chocolate Babka Bakealong: Challenge #9 Really Into This
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    Chocolate Babka Bakealong: Challenge #9

    This Chocolate Babka Bakealong Challenge about damn near killed me & I had only myself to blame.  Last month I made the Berry Blitz Torte, and it was much easier! King Arthur Flour’s Bakealong Blog does a fantastic job of outlining their recipes step by step- it’s close to foolproof. I got a little ahead of myself & made the HUGE mistake of not reading the entire recipe before I went all in. I make the dough, it rises, I knead the dough, it rises. Unless it’s very cold. Then I move the dough, then I cover the dough some more. It’s not working, so I turn the oven on low and put the…

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    Lucky Charms Chocolate Cake

    I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Lucky Charms cereal. Seriously, even to this day my Grandmother always has a fresh box for me when I visit. One of my favorite things in the world is a bowl filled with freshly opened Lucky Charms, really cold whole milk & a large spoon. I don’t mess around with the small ones. One summer when I was about 8 years old, Lucky Charms packed this tiny cake mix, frosting and pan into the box. You mixed it with water and microwaved it for about a minute & then iced it with the creamy chocolate frosting. The cake was chewy because it was…

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    Dark Chocolate Eclairs Bakealong with King Arthur Flour

    I’m Really trying to up my baking game this year, so when I saw these dark chocolate eclairs I knew I had to give them a go. This recipe is part of the King Arthur Flour Bakealong Challenge & once you master the dough, the flavor combinations are endless. Watching the Great American Baking Show, I saw the bakers complete a challenge making a pâte à choux dough for their desserts & seeing their step by step process gave me the confidence to try it at home. Well, my first batch did not turn out the way I planned. I couldn’t find my digital thermometer, so I think I put the…

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    White Russian Cake 

    Recipe featured in King Arthur Flour’s holiday issue of Sift magazine. If I was competing on The Great American Baking Show, this 3 layer White Russian Cake would be my Showstopper & I hope Mary Berry would be proud. I know it would make my boyfriend, Paul Hollywood, proud because it’s moist & chock full of complex flavors. This cake certainly requires some commitment. It took up a large portion of my Saturday night & most of my Sunday morning, but it was totally worth it. I’m enjoying my last piece as I write this post. You, dear reader, can imagine the horror when one of my perfectly risen cakes slipped out…

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