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The Best Red Velvet Cake

My whole family is Really Into this Red Velvet Cake from Jocelyn Delk Adams, the creator of Grandbaby Cakes. I consider myself a Red Velvet Cake connoisseur & this recipe is my favorite of all time.

I planned to have this up for y’all before Valentine’s Day, but I was too busy eating it to finish the post in time. I’ve made tons of Red Velvet cakes over the years & this one is moist, (Sorry, Jessica) tasty, light & great for a layer or sheet cake as well as cupcakes. It’s also super easy to whip up.

Now, the Blackberry Cream Cheese Icing is so tasty. The whipped icing is lighter and has a nice texture to accompany a layer cake, especially in the summer when blackberries are at their peak. The blackberry & lime compote is worth having around all the time for pancakes, french toast, regular toast, etc. -it’s really that good. I’ve made the cake with a regular cream cheese icing & it’s delicious no matter what. I would even eat this cake without icing, which is unheard of for me.

Jocelyn’s cookbook is amazing. Her recipes are simple, heartfelt, delicious & she exudes a love for baking & family that is contagious. I highly recommend it for any baker, even a beginner. It’s a wonderful collection of recipes & stories. I’m Really Into this cake & likely will be for…forever!

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