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Pepper Jelly Dip

I am Really Into appetizers, whether I am making them for guests or eating them myself.  I have told Mark many times that I could skip the main dish and just share starters.  We have a small table in our kitchen where I like to put apps out while I am making dinner so I can chat with our guests.  Sometimes that entails something fancy or complicated, but other times you just want something simple that you can make ahead and have ready.  Enter the Pepper Jelly Dip.

This dip shouldn’t work.  When I tell you what is in it you are going to think you would never eat that.  You are wrong.  You will eat this and you will love it.  I have had plenty of skeptics over the years and I have converted all of them.

I usually use a pie plate, but feel free to use any dish you like.  Start with a cup of chopped pecans.

Then a cup of sliced green onions (both white and green parts).

Add a cup of grated sharp cheddar.

Mix with a cup of mayonnaise and spread in the pie plate.  I like to refrigerate mine for a little bit (half an hour or so) before spreading the pepper jelly on top.  There are several brands and types of pepper jelly – feel free to use any you like.  I used the Tabasco spicy. pepper jelly for this batch.

Spread that jelly on top and you are finished.  I think it goes best with Frito’s Scoops.

Prepare to be totally surprised and delighted!  This is a great Christmas appetizer as well because you can use green or red pepper jelly.  Or both!

I am Really Into This Dip.

I am a Texan living in California with my husband Mark, my best pup Ziggy, and our two cats Marilyn and Goldie. I love reading, cooking, binge-watching great tv shows and staying up too late talking to my friends.

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