Imposters Bravo TV Show Really Into This
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Imposters Bravo TV Show Really Into This
Imposters | Bravo


I kept hearing about this show from my friend, Brie. My TV is usually stuck on Bravo, but I’ve recently tired of my Housewives. I just can’t with the 2 Lisas & Eileen on RHOBH & I’m so tired of Kandi, Phaedra & Porsha on RHOA. So, I missed all the promos for this show, Imposters. Be careful proceeding, there are some spoilers below & I do not want to ruin this show for you!

Now just hear me out because I’ve explained the show to a few friends & they’ve all said, “Uh…I dunno.” So, the premise is a trio of con artists work for this Doctor & they are assigned a mark. They befriend, impress & seduce the mark into marrying & when the coast is clear they take the mark for all the money they can. Maddie (Inbar Lavi) is the temptress, Max (Brian Benben) is whoever he needs to be & Sal (Katherine LaNasa) has been partners with Max for a long time.

The first episode starts with a couple in love & we quickly learn who is part of the trio of con artists & we meet Ezra, their latest mark. He’s heartbroken, devastated & in true dark comedy style, tries to kill himself by climbing in the oven & hanging himself with an extension cord after his wife leaves him. A guy shows up at Ezra’s house posing as an FBI agent, but he’s actually Richard, another male who was duped by the Imposters. Together they attempt to track down Maddie, the woman they each knew as their wife.

Meanwhile, the Imposters are in Seattle & moved onto their next mark, Gary Heller (Aaron Douglas). The audience gets to follow their attempt to land the new mark, all the while Maddie might actually be falling in love for real with Patrick (Stephen Bishop). Ezra & Patrick think they’ve tracked Maddie down only to find another scorned lover, Jules (Marianne Rendon), who is Maddie’s former wife. Ezra, Patrick & Jules quickly learn the grifter lifestyle & are all dead set on finding Maddie to get their revenge.


I am Really Into This show. I want all my friends to watch it immediately so we can talk about it! Imposters is funny, dark, sad, suspenseful & relatable. I mean, we’ve all been duped by at least one person in our lives, right?

I can breath easy because Imposters was renewed for Season 2 on 4.18.17!

This is where I want you, dear reader, to please watch this show so we can talk about it. The first season has ended & OMG- I need season 2 pronto!

You can catch up with full of Imposters episodes on Demand.


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