Book Review Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer
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Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer

Book Review: Hope Never Dies Andrew Shaffer
Published: 7/10/2018
It's been several months since the 2016 presidential election, and "Uncle Joe" Biden is puttering around his house, grouting the tile in his master bathroom, feeling lost and adrift in an America that doesn't make sense anymore. But when his favorite Amtrak conductor dies in a suspicious accident, Joe feels a familiar desire to serve - and he leap into the role of amateur sleuth, with a little help from his old friend President Barack…

Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer is a hilarious & wonderful Murder She Wrote style mystery featuring the dynamic duo of Obama & Biden.

This is a cozy mystery style narrative mixed with humor. Joe riding Amtrak in his aviators & yearning for a good vanilla cone. Barack chilling in the shadows (effortlessly debonair) sneaking a cigarette & helping guide the investigation.

Basically, Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer is a hell of a lot of fun. I burned through it & honestly, I will read it again. While the story is technically a murder mystery, it’s light-hearted, clever & memorable. There are so many parts I catch myself laughing out loud & smiling. Shaffer really taps into the lovable aspects of both Obama & Biden. Truly, they seem to be a heightened version of the politicians we know so well. I just love it.


I am Really Into This book! Shaffer brings the laughs & what lingers after this story is hope. We can all use more of that! This book has me so pumped for America, I want to make that Captain America pavlova again.

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Author Bio Andrew ShafferAndrew Shaffer is the New York Times bestselling author of Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery, the international bestselling parody Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, and numerous other humorous works of genre fiction from mystery to horror. He is a three-time Goodreads Choice Award nominee and a two-time finalist in the Humor category.

Andrew has appeared as a guest on NPR, FOX News, and CBS, and has been published in McSweeney’s, Mental Floss, and The Daily Beast.

He is the owner and creative director of Order of St. Nick, the quirky greeting card company whose cards have been featured on The Colbert Report. He also is the publisher of 8th Circle Press.

Shaffer attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and studied comedy writing at The Second City, Chicago’s famed improv school. An Iowa native, Shaffer lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, novelist Tiffany Reisz. He teaches and mentors writers at Lexington’s Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

His latest book, the national bestseller Hope Rides Again: An Obama Biden Mystery, is available in bookstores everywhere from Quirk Books and Audible Studios. His next work, Secret Santa: A Horror for the Holidays Novel, will be published by Quirk Books in November 2020.


Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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