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Starbucks Holiday Blend 2016

I love a good latte from Starbucks, but I’m not a huge fan of their coffee. Imagine my surprise when I bought a few bags of their 2016 Holiday Blend & found it to be so delicious I bought 6 additional bags online. Now I’m in panic mode because I’m almost out & I don’t know how to recreate it.

There are a few Starbucks I frequent when I’m out & about, so when I noticed they are having a 25% sale off ALL coffee this week, I knew this was the time to speak up & find a comparable match for my 2016 Holiday Blend.

The manager was Really nice & she agreed that 2016 was the best Holiday Blend yet. Her advice was to try this newer ‘Single Origin Series ‘Sun-Dried Ethiopia Sidamo’. The package says it has black cherry & dark chocolate notes, so that sounded like something I could be Really Into. They don’t have this coffee available to try in-store & she told me it’s because it’s a special bean & pretty expensive. It’s supposed to take similar to the 2016 Holiday Blend, but a little smokier aftertaste.

Since the coffee I fell in love with is a blend, she also suggested blending 2 different coffees together. Her recommendation was to blend the Sumatra dark roast blend. It’s notes are earthy & herbal & supposed to be amazing with savory foods. Evidently they’ve had this blend for 40 years & it’s one of their staples.

She suggested pairing the Sumatra with the Guatemala Antigua medium roast blend. It’s notes are cocoa, lemon & subtle spice. The coffee is grown in Volcanic soil on a 100-year-old farm & this coffee has been around for 40 years as well.

This morning I blended the Guatemala Antigua & Sumatra evenly & my coffee was delicious. If I hadn’t made it myself I wouldn’t have known the difference. Honestly, I might even like it a bit more than the 2016 Holiday Blend. I’m Really Into this new blending my own coffee situation. I know I’m new to the coffee snob game, but I am pumped about mixing and trying out different variations & blends. These handy bags from Starbucks will make this much easier.

If you’re Really Into Starbucks coffee, this is your week! I was told this is the cheapest their coffee will be all year, so it’s time to stock up. It’s their Spring Coffee Days & it lasts until 3.27.17. I would highly suggest a Starbucks card, it’s free & you can earn rewards such as free drinks & food. Today is Double Stars day, so you can stock up on coffee & earn twice the points.

Do you have a favorite way to drink your coffee or a favorite coffee blend?

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