Are You The One: Second Chances
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Are You The One: Second Chances

Are You The One: Second Chances

Are You The One: Second Chances

Wednesday nights on MTV


MTV is on their game this year with reality shows & Derek & I can hardly keep up. We are fresh off the heels of the latest season of Are You The One & we are already headed into an All Star edition.

Here’s what we know so far. It’s filmed in Australia & looks to me more like an edition of the Amazing Race than the usual MTV The Challenge that we know & love.

They’ve taken several different ‘Perfect Matches’ from other seasons, partnered them up & they will be competing against other couples. Every week, a couple is crowned the winner & every week another couple is sent home. The couple in last place has the option to stay in the game & split the cash with his/her partner or take the money & run. Catch is, if they both choose to steal the cash, then they each go home with nothing.

Now, some of these AYTO couples are still together (Cameron & Mikala) & some are not even on friendly terms (Hayden & Carolina) & that should definitely make for some interesting drama. I mean Hayden is with Gianna still & could hardly look at Carolina at last week’s reunion.

According to Devin & Rashida (‘Perfect Matches’ from season 3) there are physical challenges, but also mental challenges as well. This should pose some real difficulties for the most recent season since they were the first cast EVER to not get all the matches correct. Too bad they didn’t have Tori or Devin on their team.

After last night’s Challenge Invasion episode where everyone was vomiting up curry, I’m ready for a change & this show can’t come quick enough. I’m curious if any of these perfectly matched couples who didn’t have chemistry the first time around may actually develop feelings for one another. I know it’s a long shot, but I’ve got to be a romantic at heart.


We are Really Into This Show! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is seeing Gio’s crazy ass again. Seriously, there’s already a promo where Francesca is running in the house screaming, “My partner is psycho.” He’s also there with his almost-fiancee Kaylen & that should definitely add some fireworks to the season. Tori & Morgan from season 4 are there too & she’s a bad ass and he’s a Wall Street gymrat if I remember correctly. They were dating, but I think there’s some bad blood. Ellie & Nate from season 2 are back also- I loved them! I was also scamming on Instagram and it looks like Mike & Casandra from Season 5 are now dating!?! That was a total surprise to me. I can’t wait to see how this season & this format plays out! Come on!


Are You The One: Second Chances
Derrick & Cassandra | MTV

WEEK ONE: We started off with a bang & no surprise that AYTO Season 5 came in last place! Devin, as expected, was being a total butt because he & Rashida won the first challenge. Gio is already on my nerves. He rubbed his naked ass all over Devin’s bed because he was sick of him bragging. He & Alicia also made a love connection-YUCK! I thought she was with Eddie anyway- WTH? WE found out that my girl Tori hooked up with Morgan’s roommate when they were still dating. That’s bad & did you see Morgan’s hair? His bouffant is on point & his abs are still FIRE! Hayden & Carolina were up for elimination, they both chose to share their winnings so Derrick & Casandra were sent home. Devin & Rashida crack me up. This was a good start to the season & let’s see what happens. You know damn well there are going to be some steals & folks will go home with no love & no money.


Are You The One: Second Chances
Nate & Ellie | MTV

WEEK TWO: Carolina & Nate hooked up- that was quick. Alicia & Gio still have something going on & it’s definitely cringeworthy. Ellie was trying to get Nate off Carolina for just a minute so they could get know each other better for challenges. The challenge is to run around with your partner & be a “caregiver” for them. Half these kids came out wearing legit casts on their arms, legs or both. They ran around getting folks to sign their casts, saw a creepy ass clown & filled out a questionnaire about their partner. Next step- cut the cast off their partner- that is insane! I have to say, I never saw Asaf & Kaylen as a Perfect Match, but they balance each other out really well. They had a tough challenge because they were hung up on the clue of Asaf’s eye color. He’s got gorgeous brown eyes, but he wrote black eyes on the form- Bah! I still love him & they still beat Nate & Ellie. Asaf is genuine, a lover, emotional & kind & Kaylen is a calming, more structured & nurturing influence- I Really love them together. No surprise here- Gio got butt hurt when Alicia was in the winner’s suite with Mike. The group voted Shandley & Adam in, but neither of them took the steal, so they are still in the game & Nate & Ellie were sent packing.


Are You The One: Second Chances
Gio & Francesca | MTV

WEEK THREE: Well, this week was weird. The challenge consisted of carrying dead animals, digging up poop & taking selfies- who thinks up these challenges? Asaf & Kaylen finished last-again. I can’t believe this. He is such a hard worker and passionate and she is smart as hell. They did; however, figure out that he needs to encourage her more & that’s progress with your Perfect Match if I’ve ever heard it. Gio went a little nuts again- he’s so emotional it’s like a horrible, tear and anxiety filled roller coaster. He & Francesca were voted in & guess what? We had our first steal! Francesca was SO done dealing with Gio & all his mess that she just wanted to go home. I think this was a wake-up for Gio & he says he’s going home & starting therapy.


Are You The One: Second Chances
Hayden & Carolina | MTV

WEEK FOUR: What in the hell? Another steal! Poor Carolina, she trusted that capri wearing country boy, Hayden & he screwed her over-again! What was up with all the outfit coordination last night? I actually loved this challenge of the perfect matches searching for gifts for people they just met. Poor, Asaf grabbed up this goofy salon chair & Kaylen was like, whatever,  ‘I’ll quit being so tough on him’. Well, they lost again! Dammit- I love them. No matter though, Hayden & Carolina were voted in & Hayden told her to take the money. She opted to share and stay in the game and that left him with 30k & heading home to Gianna while Carolina was empty handed & loveless. I know he finds her annoying, I mean he has said that about a hundred times, but this was foul. Also, I was totally swooning over Asaf & Kaylen’s conversation and he told her they were soulmates. I would LOVE to see them give it a real shot. Also, Tori & Devin have some legit sexual tension- they need to do something about that.


Are You The One: Second Chances
Asaf & Kaylen | MTV

WEEK FIVE: Dammit! Asaf & Kaylen were finally eliminated. They came in last place- again. Ugh!!! This week’s challenge was to put together a bicycle and pedal it to the finish line. In usually lovable Asaf fashion, he was being a nut & Kaylen was terrified on the bike. When he called her a bitch, all bets were off & she was pissed. She even refused to give him a hug at the end of the challenge. Poor Adam, he seems to think he’s some sort of Greek God that’s a supreme athlete, so he was butt hurt & threw a bitch fit he & Shaley didn’t win. Rashida had a wet dream about Devin & the girl was brace enough to talk about it on national TV. Props to her! Morgan & Tori seem to be growing closer & Tori just wants to be buds, but Morgan is not ready to fully trust her because she has lied before. They were voted in, but they both chose to share, despite Devin’s urging to take the money & run. So, we said goodbye to Asaf & Kaylen. Thank Gawd Mike is dating Cass from his season of AYTO & not his perfect match, Alicia. She’s a hot mess & more than just her beauty. GTFOH Alicia.


Are You The One: Second Chances

WEEK SIX: What the hell did I just watch? No, seriously- what was up with that blind choice? Let me back up, Mike & Alicia are legitimately hooking up. That’s gotta be weird seeing how he’s moved to Texas to be with Cas & she’s still with Edward- I think. There was a challenger where they had to video their PDA or feelings for each other. Cameron and Micayala won- Mike & Alicia lost. Tori was crying and really sad because Morgan can kind of be robotic & an ass unless they are in the heat of the competition. They were put up for elimination & then BAM a blind choice. Everybody stays in the game as is & they didn’t get to find out what their partner chose- either share or steal. Alicia & Mike were stoked they were still in it & I’m not sure about Torgan. He definitely seemed a little sketch. I feel like this was just a bye week & really won’t have any bearing on the outcome, but let’s see.


Are You The One: Second Chances
Mike & Alicia | MTV

WEEK SEVEN: This week was a little boring to me. The challenge was fine- trying to get around in the car having to trust your partner’s direction. Alicia & Mike lost & Torgan was the winner. I really want to see Tori & Morgan get back together. Shanley & Adam are having issues getting along, but I think he’s an ass & she doesn’t take it. Mikala got really upset because Cameron called her ‘boring’. I really like them, but she does seem a little boring to me- I mean if I hear about that damned cat, Nugget another time I might scream. They hashed it out & although they were picked for elimination, they both picked share. Bye Bye Mike & Alicia. See you on the Challenge next season.


WEEK EIGHT: Another blind choice!?! Torgan is saved again after coming in last place. Cameron & Mikala are big time struggling & the longer they play the more damage it does to their relationship according to Mikala. Shanley and Adam won even though she’s a bitch, right Adam? That damn snake Devin tells Morgan to vote him in so he can steal the cash from Rashida! Bastard. Cameran & Mikala are voted in & it’s a blind choice, but we do know that someone hit steal! The drama—love it!


Are You The One: Second Chances
Cameron & Mikala | MTV

WEEK NINE: OMG- This POS Cameron picked steal last week. He admitted he was going to steal the money & then break up with Mikala & he has no remorse. She is going to go nuts when she sees this because he is still in the house & hasn’t told her that he wants to be done with her. It’s heartbreaking because she is sill talking like they are going strong & doing to be together forever. Back to Torgan, according to Morgan, “there’s still embers burning there”. They finally hit up the boom-boom room! The challenge this week has the couple’s moving out of an apartment building, repelling off the side of a building to a fully furnished apartment & then recreating the apartment y putting all the furniture together. Shanley & Adam are still struggling with communication. She continue to say he has no balls, isn’t manly & basically he can do nothing right. I think for sure one of them may end up stealing before the show is over. Cameron & Mikala came in last place & he’s a total sore loser, hanging his head & everything. The entire cast goes bowling to try to have some fun outside of the game. Torgan is high on each other & partying hard. Adam & Shanley were up for elimination & they each picked Share, so that means Cameron & Mikala are going home without any money & a fractured relationship. No matter what happens with them, I’m sure we will see one or both of them back on a Challenge.


Are You The One: Second Chances
Winners! Devin & Rashida | MTV


WEEK TEN/FINALE: Damn, I feel like this finale crept up real quick. This episode feels like an episode of Amazing Race for real. The couples have to locate a sign, then they went to a hedge maze that gave me a for real panic attack & then had to stack rocks showing they had the same values. Rashida & Devin killed it, Torgan struggled & Adam & Shanley were a huge mess. Tori & Morgan tried to turn Devin & Rashida against each other before the final vote, but their trust & bond could not be broken. They each picked share & won $175k -Damn, they killed it. Torgan is legit hooking up and I hope they stay together but Adam & Shanley are off the rails. They arrived as friends, but not leaving that way. 

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