Book review They're Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese
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They’re Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese

Book review They're Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese
Special thanks to the author for providing our copy of They’re Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese in exchange for an honest & fair review.

They’re Strictly Friends (Tough Love Spinoff, #1)

They're Strictly Friends
Published: 10/NaN/2019
Outright enmity between France and England might be long past, but merry war betwixt two people from bookends of the English Channel comes easily to Lucas and Elodie. Verbal sparring, witty jabs, and a feverish dance of mutual interest, their friendship is a model uneasy détente. Lucas Edwards is the consummate English gentleman…most of the time. He might get a bit tetchy when his office is a mess, and he’s rather particular about his ties,…

They’re Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese

I really loved this one. They’re Strictly Friends is my first title from Chloe Liese. I definitely want to read more of her books. This book is heartwarming, hopeful & romantic.

Lucas thinks he has his future all figured out. Then, he receives debilitating news that upends his plans. We’ve all bee n there, right?

I found it very easy to connect to Elodie. She put her foot in her mouth trying to fit in & deal with everything. Elodie is also a very smart, determined, funny & relatable strong woman.

The character development in They’re Strictly Friends is incredible. Every character has a purpose & reason. As someone with a disability, I’ve had MS for over 25 years, I related to Lucas as he receives a life-changing diagnosis. There’s also plenty of discussion in this book dealing with physical disabilities that I found to be relatable.


Overall, this is a great read that I highly recommend. Read this if you’re in the mood for a pick me up. 4.5 stars for me.

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