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Are You The One Season 6 on MTV

Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This Blog*SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES & EPISODE RECAPS*

Are You The One Season 6 on MTV airs Wednesdays at 10/9c

AYTO is back, my friends! This time we’ve got a new host. Hello, Terrence J! We’re in a new location. Hello, NOLA! We’ve got the same old nonsense we expect & love from MTV. Let’s dive right in.

Are You The One Season 6 on MTV

To start, it was a super lame first matching. Terrence showed a football & Audrey likes football & so does Malcolm, so they were matched for a date. WOW!  Next was a photo of a piano and Ethan & Kiana were matched for a date because they both liked music. Come on, MTV- we are used to The Challenges & we need more action.

Ethan Cohen Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This

Okay, I am LIVING for Ethan ‘E-Money’ the white rapper. He’s bringing back the short sleeve polo for real. His smile is so sweet & he seems like a genuine, nice guy. Also, his rap skills are pretty on point.

Diandra Delgado Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This
Diandra Delgado | MTV

Diandra is already getting possessive over Malcolm. Here comes Nurys. She’s just trying to have a conversation with Malcolm and Diandra is seriously stalking him. It’s a little intense. I’m all- slow down, girl. You just met this guy about 12 hours ago.

Nurys Mateo Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This
Nurys Mateo | MTV

Let’s dish more on Malcolm. I love how he’s not “a player” but he’s already scamming on girls in the bathroom.  They met up for a quick little hook-up in the bathroom while Diandra was sleeping. But, he’s not a player, right?

Malcolm Drummer Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This

Keith & Alexis hit the boom-boom room-already. There’s something about Keith I don’t like. He’s supposedly a “cray hunter” meaning that he likes crazy girls. I just didn’t like the way he talked to Alexis. He was giving her crap for smoking and his way of flirting was saying he should smack her on the ass- yuck. On another note, Tyler said Keith looks like Chris Pratt. What do you think?

Keith Klebacher Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This

Truth Booth Time

Ethan & Keyana were voted into the truth booth & no surprise, they were not a match. Poor, Ethan! Keyana was seriously jumping for joy when she wasn’t his match. I felt really bad for him and even Derek thought Keyana was foul for acting like that. What did you guys think?

Keyana Land Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This
Keyana Land | MTV

Lastly, the ladies are in love with Clinton. Oh, Clinton. He has a hard time because people only like him for his handsome face. With all the ladies falling hard for him, it should be fun to see how this plays out.

Clinton Moxam Are You The One Season 6 on MTV Really Into This
Clinton Moxam | MTV

The Verdict

Are You The One Season 6 on MTV should be a ton of fun this year. The cast will likely be partying hard in New Orleans and it seems like they are a very promiscuous bunch so far. There should be lots of loving, banging, fighting & hurt feelings. You already know, we are Really Into It. Check back for our weekly re-caps on the blog & on Twitter.


Malcolm halfway cops to being a dog & says he feels bad for messing around with Nurys behind Diandra’s back. Geles & Anthony are feeling each other.  Geles describes herself as “hard to handle” but I think she is HIGH MAINTENANCE-OMG. Joe & Malcolm decide to throw a Pirate themed party to “bring out the booties”. Diandra takes forever to get ready & is late to the party. When Diandra finally shows up in her black negligee (not really pirate themed, but whatever) she finds Malcolm grinding on Nurys & then guess what? Malcolm & Nurys are making out. Diandra leaves the party to hit the punching bag (for real) but she still thinks Malcolm is going to pick her to the Match Up ceremony. Tyler is feeling Nicole, so we shall see. Kareem & Alivia are crushing on each other &  Jada is going hard after Clinton, but he is still feeling Uche. At the Match Up, Diandra & Nurys talk crap to each other about who was extra & who looked better. Come on, ladies- Malcolm is not worth it. Anyway, Malcolm picks Nurys & Diandra winds up sitting with Keyana is in love with Michael already, despite him wearing an acid washed denim shirt. “E-Money” Ethan picks Jada & she gets real nasty real quick regarding Uche. Poor Ethan, he’s up there after picking this girl and she’s just talking about going after Clinton & how Uche was never her friend. It was foul on Jada’s part & believe that Clinton picked up on it. He was not feeling it- at all.The group got 3 beams this week- not a bad start. Where the hell is the Truth Booth? AYTO does the Truth Booth at the end of the episode & I’m not Really Into It. Keyana & Michael are taking it “slow” but they head to the boom boom room anyway.  The challenge this week had the guys shooting arrows to pop balloons. The matches for the date were Shad & Uche, Joe & Alexis & Geles & Anthony. Joe & Alexis got hot & heavy on the date, but mainly because she was pissed at Keith.  MTV, you can go to hell because we are left on a cliffhanger with Geles & Anthony. UGH! Not loving this new format.  3 beams this week & no Perfect Matches


SHOCKER! Anthony & Geles were not a match. Uche & Clinton are thinking they are a Perfect Match. Michael is trying hard to get a second away from Michael & she’s asking to scratch his back while he’s cooking on a hot pan. He wants to take a nap (alone) and she is asking to nap with him. Girl needs to give it a break or she’s gonna be the first cast member with a restraining order. Michael finally tells her she needs to give it a rest & he doesn’t think they are a perfect match. Keyana is crying & Michael hits the bar immediately. Tyler & “E-Money” Ethan are a nice little music duo. Seriously, Ethan’s rap skills are the most enjoyable thing about this season so far. Kareem & Alivia are bonding & Tyler is in the friend zone with Nicole. At the Match-Up, Keyana picks Michael despite him telling her to cool it. She basically says she’s not giving up on him. In the best moment of the show, Geles says she thinks Ethan might be her match! Fingers crossed for these two- that would be a hell of a pairing. The group got 1 beam this week – oops, they are going backward. Joe & Michael have some sense and try to encourage the house to talk to other people rather than just pair up with their hook-ups. Kareem gets butthurt when Michael goes to Alivia and says they should meet/sit with other people. This week’s challenge pairs the couples up to cook food for a house BBQ. The twist is they have to hold up a big egg on a spoon. Malcolm & Nurys, Ethan & Geles & Michael & Audrey get to go on a date on a river tour in the humid ass Louisiana heat. Malcolm is “1000% sure” that Nurys is his Perfect Match, so naturally, they hit up the boom-boom room. Ethan & Geles were super cute on their date. I actually love them together. Michael made Audrey a heart out of Spanish moss, so that means he is officially over Keyana. Malcolm & Nurys were voted into the Truth Booth & Diandra is still holding out hope that Malcolm is her match. Again, we are left on a cliffhanger in the Truth Booth & I hate it! 1 beam this week & no Perfect Matches.


Are Nurys & Malcolm a Perfect Match? Hell, no. If you’re playing the game, then now is the time for them to part ways and get to know other people, but they declare their intention to stay together. Nurys is scared that Malcolm will find someone else, but he says that although he may have to talk to other girls to play the game that Nurys is the girl he wants to have kids with. Oh, Lord- don’t tell me we have another Gio on our hands. Jada is still making a hard play for Clinton, but he is Really Into Uche. Even though we know that Geles and Anthony are not a Perfect Match, they are making out. Poor E-Money is a bit sad and Audrey & Joe are like, “Come On!” So, Geles & Anthony do what every no match couple does- they hit up the boom-boom room. Keith is trying hard to make a clean break from Alexis and she’s not having any of it. She also made a bizarre comment about her tattoo that says, “Live Free.” Evidently, she got the tattoo in honor of her cousin who was imprisoned at age 17 for killing her best friend. Okay MTV, the True Crime addict in my wants a spin-off immediately. Kareem & Alivia are still feeling each other and I think they could legit be a match. I’ll say this, Kareem knows how to talk to a woman, be vulnerable & open up- for real. Audrey & Michael are feeling each other and honestly, they are both so gorgeous that it hurts my eyes. Keyana is still inconsolable over Michael tossing her to the side. E-Money tries his best to console her. See, E-Money is the best guy in the house. Diandra is trying to talk Malcolm into picking her for the Match-Up ceremony, but guess what? Malcolm picks Geles out of left field. It’s a relatively drama-free Match-Up, but they only get 2 beams! The challenge this week is to answer hypothetical questions about the guys. Terrence gives the girls 2 choices & if they get it wrong, they are out & get Mardi Gras powder in the face. The cast’s goal is to get Clinton  Uche or Kareem & Alivia into the Truth Booth. Tyler makes a play for Keyana & I am Into that. We also find out that Malcolm thinks that Ben Affleck is a better Batman than Ben Affleck, so obviously he’s a bit confused about all things. Ethan & Geles, Dimitri & Nicole & Keith & Zoe go on the date and hit the streets of New Orleans. It’s a successful date for everyone & drama-free. Meanwhile, at the house, they decide to have a sumo wrestling match. The “winner” gets to lick chocolate off Clinton and/or Nurys. Michel wins & licks chocolate syrup off Nurys’s nipple just in time for Malcolm to see. He loses his mind, goes crazy on Nurys and is honestly, really nasty about it and slut shames her for a good bit. Ugh, he’s gross. Diandra sits back & gets ready to make a play for Malcolm.


Diandra & Malcolm hit up the boom-boom room, but he’s not a player, remember? They are all lovey dove in the kitchen & it’s sickening. Alivia starts feeling Keith, even thought Kareem has fallen harder her. The girls, mainly Jada, throw a “lingerie party” in the house. Dimitri was talking to Nicole last episode, but at the lingerie party he starts making a play for any and all girls in the house. She starts to cry & he comes in & tries to make it right with her. Audrey & Michael are still thinking they are a Perfect Match. Kareem walks into the bedroom to see Alluvia & Keith talking & he gets all worked up & pissed off. Zoe then makes a play for Kareem & they make-out & she runs to tell all the girls. When Alivia finds out, she gets sad & finds solace in Keith’s arms. Kareem gets info that Keyana told Alivia & he comes in & calls her a snake This causes Tyler to stand up to Kareem & tells him to calm the hell down. Kareem takes a swing at Tyler, but it doesn’t really get further than that. Dimitri & Nicole were voted in the Truth Booth & guess what, no match! The girls pick a new “strategy” at the Match-Up ceremony & the guys are not Really Into It. While the guys are sure they will black-out tonight, they are proven wrong. 3 beams & no challenge this week. MTV- y’all keep changing the format!


Alivia gets back with Kareem & she knows it is a mistake, but she can’t help herself. This week’s challenge is ‘Family Matters’. The guys have to answer questions about the girls from taped interviews with their family members. If a guy gets the answer right, then he can take another guy out of the game. Tyler, Keith & Clinton get to go on dates. Tyler picks Jada, Keith picks Alivia & of course, Clinton picks Uche. The plan is to vote Uche & Clinton to the truth booth. The date consists of a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River. Clinton & Uche are talking about when to have kids; he does fall fast. They head to the Truth Booth & guess what? NO MATCH! Jada can barely contain her smile when the screen shows NO MATCH. She wastes no time & immediately goes after Clinton. She takes him aside & tells him to branch out  With the matches all in disarray, Keith & Alexis hook-up & are thinking they could be a match. Uche & Jada have a run-in & Jada freaks out. The Match-Up ceremony is a joke. Kareem goes after Joe in a nasty way & looks like a total ass. Kareem thinks Joe, Tyler a few other guys are just talking trash & not getting to know the other girls in the house. The matches are so weird- Zoe & Joes, Kareem & Alivia, Geles & Ethan, Audrey & Shad, Clinton & Jada, so this week is 1 beam.


Kareem gets in Ethan’s face screaming that Ethan, Joe & Tyler are losers & calls Tyler a pussy. Keith & Alexis hooked up again. Anthony has a sit down with Geles and he’s not sleeping with her anymore to make room for her to make a connection with someone else. Malcolm is still hating on Nurys for the Nipplegate of the house. Malcolm stated that Diandra was his #1 in the house, but he & Nurys make-up, so who knows what will happen now. This week’s challenge is making Gumbo. The couples are paired in a giant apron & have to cut, chop, dice and prepare Gumbo working together. One thing is for sure, none of these folks know how to even use a knife. Poor Terrence J has to taste the gumbo. I swear they all look like a really nasty curry to me. Alexis & Keith won the gumbo challenge. Nurds gets pissed at Diandra still chasing after Malcolm & they have a verbal altercation that turns physical with Diandra throwing bananas. Clinton & Geles go on a date with Keith & Alexis where they are traveling in a seaplane. Keith & Alexis are voted into the Truth Booth & they are NO MATCH! The house hosts their own speed dating event where they really try to get to know each other since they’ve made NO MATCHES thus far. The house tried to change the matches up, like Uche & Michael, Zoe & Keith, Malcolm & Alivia, Anthony & Keyana, Jada & Ethan & it paid off with 4 beams.


Kareem & Alivia are still coupled up even though Alivia is sure they are not a match & she is feeling Keith. We find out that Joe & Taylor from Season 5 of AYTO dated! Taylor is still in love with Joe & she is still in love with him. Geles asks her some questions & she gets pissed, tells her off & Joe is standing there like…uh. This week’s challenge is a speed dating event that pairs the cast with his/her ex. Other cast members go around & get to ask the Exes questions. WE find out that Diandra & Malcolm are both cheaters- no surprise. Michael’s ex-girlfriend still has feelings for him & Audrey gets super jealous. Nurys’s ex cheated on her & he still wants to get back with her. After the interviews, Terrence gives the cast a quiz. Keith gets the most questions correct & chooses for Alivia for the date. Alexis also wins a date & chooses Kareem. Alexis is a “psycho” in her own words & this is definitely a weird match to make for an awkward date. Anthony tries to get to know Diandra & Malcolm is creeping on them – big time. He runs down & tells the house they are in the boom-boom room, but they are just drinking beer on the balcony. Later, Malcolm keeps talking trash about Diandra telling the house that that she & Anthony hooked up in the boom boom room. Diandra goes off on Malcolm & thankfully Audrey sticks up for her. Nurys apologizes to Diandra because now everyone can see how foul Malcolm is. Keith & Alivia kiss, so Alivia runs to apologize to Kareem that they kissed. He is speechless & she’s just trying to cuddle with him- it’s awkward as hell. Malcolm calls Diandra a nasty name- I’m guessing whore because he thinks she hooked up with Anthony. This week’s date consists of a tarot cards & a palm reading. Keith & Alivia make-put on their date & they are thinking they are a Perfect Match. On the date, Kareem tells Alexis that Alivia & Keith kissed. Alexis is pissed & she & Kareem confront Keith & Alivia on the date. Kareem is butt hurt & he wants Alivia to “beg for his forgiveness”. Kareem flips a table & smashes a magic 8 ball. Later, Keith cops to the entire house that he & Alivia kissed multiple time. Alexis starts crying, becomes hysterical & proclaims that Keith is dead to her. Kareem is heartbroken that Alivia kissed Keith so he blows up & all the girls back away from his crazy ass. Keith & Alivia head to the Truth Booth & they are NO MATCH. Kareem laughs in everyone’s face like a 10 year old & shows himself to be a total ass. No Match-Up ceremony this week- too many crazy emotions.


Keith tries to make things okay with Alexis & she walks away angry & screaming as he tries to get her to talk to him. She comes up to the bed later that night saying she loves him, wants to be with him and screams into a pillow. Later in the episode, they kiss & make-up. Nurys & Diandra have a heart to heart & spill all the first on Malcolm. They are both pissed & decide to confront him. Malcolm says he doesn’t even remember having sex with Nurys. He is such a chump & just calls them both bros repeatedly & he copped to nothing. He’s the WORST! Geles is still hung up on Anthony, but she thinks he & Diandra hooked up in the Boom-Boom Room. Geles opens up to Audrey & tells her that she is interested in Michael. Later, Michael starts talking to Geles telling her he’s had dreams about her. In the confessional, Michael admits to Audrey that he has feelings for Geles & she gets up & leaves. Michael acts like a total creeper & won’t let her have space to get the hell away from him. Later, Michael Audrey make-up in the boom-boom room. At the Match-Up ceremony, Anthony calls Geles out because she was trying to get with Michael for a minute. Anthony didn’t really care, but he thought it was foul to Audrey. Fan favorites, Clinton & Uche are still feeling each other & are trying to “play the game”. They don’t make any promises to each other, but they still think they may end up together after the show. At the Match-Up ceremony, there are some changes. Shad sits with Alivia, Anthony & Keyana are paired, Joe picks Uche & Malcolm picks Alexis. Would you believe that Malcolm apologized to Nurys & Diandra? Hmmmm, do we think he’s actually sincere & going to change his behavior? I don’t know, but time will tell. I’m sure we will eventually see him on a challenge. Progress at the Match-Up & the group gets 5 BEAMS! This week’s challenge is Blinded by Love. The men are blindfolded and give the ladies piggyback rides. The women direct the men through an obstacle course to collect their respective nameplates. Michael & Audrey are the winners with Alivia & Joe in second place. The episode ends with the entire house on a party boat. Side note: Did we hear that Joe was raised in a cult? Like I said, this kid needs his own spin-off.


This episode starts out on a riverboat cruise with the vast decked out in Mardi Gras gear. The crew basically heads to a deck to party it up. Keith & Alexis are back together & E-Money says they are ruining the game. Geles is feeling Michael a little bit, but he is still trying to stay connected to Audrey. She becomes convinced all he wants is sex & she talks to him about it at the party. He makes it clear that he just wants her & caresses her head & they make up. Anthony’s weakness is girls in black thongs with thigh high boots, so he snags a kiss from Zoe. Zoe runs over & tells Geles & she confronts Anthony. She asks why would he kiss her best friend in the house & he responds in a rude way saying, “because I can” & she throws a big ass drink in his face. Clinton comes over to cheer up Geles & they are getting pretty close. Uche is watching from the wings & getting fired up. Jada & Dimitri hook up at the party. The next morning, Jada takes him to the side & it’s clear they are not feeling each other anymore. He even says, “Yeah, I got regrets” about that kiss. The next morning, Uche talks to Clinton & Kareem about not trusting Geles. Joe & Alivia & Michael & Audrey go to Cafe Du Monde to make beignets for their date. Joe calls Kareem a used car salesman & he’s trying to kiss Alicia & flirting with her by smearing powdered sugar all over her. She totally dodges the kiss & she thinks there is no way they are a match. Audrey & Michael are voted into the Truth Booth & they are not a match. Michael vows that he’s going to talk to other girls in the house- especially Geles. He wastes no time & immediately goes for Geles & they make-out in the confessional. The next morning, Audrey is pissed & basically demands Geles leave the bathroom so that Audrey can have her “space”. Jada, Uche & Audrey come for Geles calling her fake, shady & telling her that she brings on all her drama. Diandra & Kareem are talking before the boat docks. After the Truth Booth, they are talking & realize they have a lot of similarities & they could possibly be a match. At the Match-Up ceremony, Jada calls Dimitri a Bitch- guess she’s still salty over their interaction. Geles picks Clinton at the Match-Up ceremony & Michael feels like he wastes his time trying to get with Geles. Alivia switches it up & picks Anthony, Kareem & Nurys, Joe & Jada, Tyler & Nicole sit together. Keyana picks Michael, Audrey grabs Keith, Alexis picks Ethan & Zoe sits with Shad. The Match-Up results in 3 beams. Terrence tells the cast they are screwed unless they get their act together.


The house is depending on Keith to help them figure out who are the Perfect Matches. He thinks Michael & Keyana are likely a match as well as Dimitri & Diandra & Tyler & Nicole. Too bad though, Geles is “probably gonna hook up with this kid (Michael) tonight.” Poor Zoe is asleep & Michale & Geles are getting busy right next to her- like in the same damn bed! Jada comes in & calls them out & Audrey cries about it. Audrey finds some solace in Shad who describes himself as an “oak tree to lean on”. This week’s challenge is “Don’t Drop The Ball” where the guys answer questions about the girls. If they answer incorrectly they have to pull a pole that’s wedged between a bunch of balls. If the ball drops, they are out. The crew is gunning to get Keith’s suspected Perfect Matches in the Truth Booth, but Michael is the first guy eliminated. Anthony & Zoe, Tyler & Nicole & Keith & Diandra head out on a date to a haunted mansion. Back at the house, Keyana & Michael are chatting it up. She still likes him, but he’s not Into her at all. Honestly. he’s not even that cute & he’s acting like a total douchebag. On the date, Anthony tries to make a connection with Zoe, but she doesn’t want to make a move because of her friendship with Geles. Tyler & Nicole make a stronger connection & makeout & it’s super sweet. Tyler & Nicole head to the Truth Booth & they are a Perfect Match! FINALLY!!!! The crew has a strategy meeting and Keith shuts Shad down when Shad lays out why he thinks Audrey is his Perfect Match. Keith thinks Zoe & Joe are definitely a match over Audrey & Shad. The cast agrees to pick based on strategy at the Match Up ceremony. Anthony & Uche sit together, Joe & Zoe, Shad & Alivia, Audrey & Dimitri, Geles & Clinton, Malcolm & Alexis, Keith & Jada, Nurys & Ethan, Diandra & Kareem & Michael & Keyana are paired up. Keith get really nasty with Shad at the match-up for really no reason. Some of the cast voices their concerns over this new found strategy instead of playing with their hearts Well, this week showed 5 beams. Keith was expecting to have 7 or 8 beams with his strategy. Shad’s advice is for Keith to cut back on the roids. We will see what happens- I’m not sure they are going to be able to pull out a win.


E-Money is trying real hard to rally the troops, but hey are al sure they aren’t going to win out in the finale. This week’s challenge has the guys answering questions about each other. The cast was trying to get Michael & Keyana to win the challenge, but NOPE! Keyana & Malcolm win the getaway date. Now, the cast is putting all their hopes into getting Diandra & Dimitri into the Truth Booth, but NOPE! Jada & Dimitri win the getaway date & this should be entertaining. Remember, they did not hit it off after they kissed a few episode back. Alexis is talking to Keith about moving to New Jersey to be with him. Does anyone seriously think the will work out long-term? Me neither. The date is on an airboat through the bayou & the rest of the house voted Jada & Dimitri into the Truth Booth. Guess what, they are not a match! Keith tries to rearrange the couples & strategize. While the house takes a break, Alexis & Michale shotgun needs outside & she pours beer all over her bikini-clad body & he licks it off. Must be true love. Keith gets pissed & throws Alexis’s childhood stuffed animal into the fire. For real, this was too far!

At the match-up, Geles picks Clinton, Audrey picks Shad, Alexis grabs Anthony, Zoe & E-Money, Keyana & Michael, Diandra & Kareem, Alivia & Malcolm, Joe & Uche, Jada & Keith & Dimitri & Nurys are the final matches. Y’all they pulled out a WIN! Keith is looking like a genius, everyone is freaking out & we are shocked that they pulled it off! Way to go, guys!


Terrence sits down with Diandra, Malcolm & Nurys to have them hash it out. Malcolm basically admits no wrong for anything, Yuck. Nurys was really open & honest, as was Diandra. Terrence called out Kareem for calling Joe, Tyler, Shad & Ethan losers & he was unapologetic about it. Next, Terrence talks to Keyana & Michael. Geles apologizes to Audrey because she & Michael went at it right after they found out they were not a Perfect Match. Terrence points out that Michael & Malcolm both did some foul things in the house & I’ve got to agree. We found out that Keyana had a pregnancy scare. She confided Jada & Nurys & they were talking about it and wound up spilling the beans to Michael. Props to both of them though because they apologized for it- that takes heart & truth. <3 Keith is evidently with Carolina from Season 5- that was unexpected. This reunion was filled with commercials & not much else. We shall see what part 2 holds for us next week.


Jada, Clinton & Uche are still having drama. Jada says she & Uche were chill friends in the house. She’s also upset over something Clinton said or did over social media. Jada calls Uche & Clinton boring. Clinton says Uche moved to Florida & they now live an hour apart. They are still together & Clinton asked Uche to be his girlfriend for real & of course, she accepted. Now, we move on to Geles & Anthony. Geles was really hurt that Zoe kissed Anthony when she knew that Geles was still hung up on him. Then we find out that Anthony is dating Shannon from Season 5. Remember her- she & Tyler dated. Evidently, Dimitri introduced Shannon to Anthony, even though he was feeling her first. Alexis says that Anthony slept in her oom last ngith before the reunion. She said in front of everyone that he slept & showered there, but nothing else happened. When the cameras were at commercial, we heard Ehtna say Anthony texted her Alexis to please let him stay the night because he is her Perfect Match. Alexis then whispers to Michael that he wanted to sleep with her & that’s why she let him in. I have a feeling this will come up again. We learn more about Taylor (from Season 5) & Joe. They got back together when the show ended, but they already broke up & aren’t ready for a relationship again. Then Keyana tells us about an East Coast get together between some of the cast. Keyana says she hooked up with Anthony twice in the show & once after the show. On this trip, Zoe hooked up with Anthony & Kareem. We learn that Audrey hooked up with Hunter from Season 3 & Nurys is casually dating Nelson from Season 3. Also, Dimitri wrote Nicole a love note that he slid under her hotel door. Kareem & Alivia are still together after the show. Gianna & Hayden are still together. Shanley showed up from Season 1 & Kaylen from Season 4 is dating casually. Shanley apologizes for an insensitive tweet she sent out regarding the situation about Alexis’s cousin committing a murder. The show closes with E-Money rapping & Tyler playing the ukulele.

Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.


  • Regan

    So this is probably my most guilty pleasure and I’m so happy there is a blog about it haha! This show breaks down relationships to the most primal level it’s so interesting to me!!! Love seeing Terrence J and love love LOVE that it’s in NOLA this season but I have to say this might be the most vapid cast yet. I do think Ethan is sweet but no one is super likeable so far. I’m fully in it though. Can’t wait to see where this season goes. Great post 👍🏼

    • Jessica Bierman

      Regan, vapid is the best word to describe this cast. I feel like Tyler & Ethan are the standouts (as far as likability), but we shall see. So pumped Terrence J is he host- he loves to stir the pot! NOLA should be so fun & a nice change from their tropical locales. So glad you enjoyed the post! Looking forward to watching this season with you!

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