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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Eureka

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

Friday nights on VH1


Y’all know that I am Really Into drag queens. I LIVE for RuPaul’s Drag Race & you should too! These queens are creative, funny as hell, stunningly beautiful, dedicated to their art form, unique & overall hero material.

Drag Race historically aired on Logo, but this year it’s switching to VH1. I love that because I remember watching RuPaul’s talk show on VH1. It’s where I was first introduced to a male quintet named the Backstreet Boys.

RuPaul is such a trailblazer. I remember watching Ru’s talk show as a 13 year old & not really knowing what to make of her. She was over the top, so damned tall, walked in heels like a goddess, inappropriate at times & just hilarious & genuine. Ru’s motto has always been to be true to yourself & I just love that.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race has introduced me to some of my favorite queens, Alaska, Roxxxy Andrews, Detox, Katya Zamolodchikova, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, Bianca Del Rio & Bob the Drag Queen. The costumes, the make-up, the creativity these queens possess is breathtaking. I can’t get enough. Did you see Phi Phi O’Hara’s Instagram account last year? She did a new look every single day for an entire year & it was amazing!

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It seems like we’ve got some pretty big names this season & I can’t wait. RuPaul is fresh off an Emmy win & I’m looking for this to be the best season yet. My Friday nights are booked & let’s spill the tea as this season progresses. I am Really Into Drag Queens!

The first episode is tonight & it’s with none other than Lady Gaga! A crossover of two of my favorite things in the world!

WEEK 1 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Cynthia Lee Fontaine
Cynthia Lee Fontaine | Grizzly Kiki Podcast

WEEK ONE: Gaga was amazing & I’m Really Into this new cast. When Eureka O’Hara came out with that Tennessee look complete with a baby doll & cigarette- I died. Valentina has only been doing drag for a hot minute & although her make-up was on point, she was giving so much shade- too much if you ask me. Jaymes Mansfield- I’m not sure I’m buying into her schtick. I get it, you’re doing something different, but I’m not sure I’m Into it. I kept hearing about Charlie Hides prior to the premier, but I was a bit underwhelmed. I can’t wait to see more from Trinity & I know she beat my Queen Alyssa Edwards & Eureka in past pageants, so she has got to be amazing! So much ass this season, I mean hello Kimora Blac & those cheekbones- shut it down! Nina Bo’nina Brown is something different for sure. Did I see construction paper in that look? Somehow, she pulled it off so well & won this week with her red lace Gaga look. Aja is the big shit in Brooklyn right now according to her sister Queen, Sasha Velour. I will withhold judgment until I see more from her. Sasha though, she killed it with her Gaga ‘Applause’ look- like I want that on a poster for real. Shea Coulee made an impression too- I mean she pulled off a giant hot dog on her head for God sakes. Peppermint was gorgeous & Farrah Moan definitely did look like a 1999 Christina Aguilera at the Grammys.

WEEK 2 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Jaymes Mansfield
Jaymes Mansfield
WEEK TWO: Cynthia Lee Fontaine is back & did she ever dazzle on the runway! #QUEERCHEERS was the theme this week & the B-52s were guest judges! I was seriously impressed with these cheer routines. I swear, Trinity Taylor must have some Dallas Junior League in her bloodline because she was serving classy & sassy this episode. Jaymes Maynesfield struggled & was called out early on as weak link. Shea Coulee, Charlie Hides, Sasha Velour & Peppermint killed the runway. Kimora Blac & Jaymes were the bottom two & had to Lipsync to ‘Loveshack’. Jaymes was sent packing & I wish we had the opportunity to see more of her personality before leaving. Next week, Todrick Hall & we are stoked!

WEEK 3 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Kimora Blac
Kimora Blac | Drag Queens Galore

WEEK THREE: This week the Queens were tasked with creating their own fairy princess, mythology & a sidekick. I thought this would be an easy challenge, but some Queens struggled. Kimora looked like a bad version of ‘Slave 4 U’ Britney & I LOVE Alexis Michelle, but the Subway Fish sidekick was cringeworthy. Aja though, her look & her sidekick was a HOT MESS. Valentina throws so much shade at the other Queens, but damn if she doesn’t deliver & this week her shady little sidekick was hilarious & inventive! Trinity’s Aquapussy was gorgeous & I loved the blue pilot light sidekick from Peppermint &she was giving me fiery Maleficent chic. It was incredibly meaningful hearing Trinity, Cynthia & the other queens talking about the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. My FAVE EVER Todrick Hall was a guest judge & I could watch the gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson until the end of time. Trinity WON- & it won’t be the last time she is crowned the winner. Kimora Blac & Aja had to lipsync to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I Need a Hero’. We said goodbye to Kimora & I wasn’t mad at that. She got by on those high cheekbones for far too long.

WEEK 4 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Charlie Hyde
Charlie Hyde | Out
WEEK FOUR: This week the queens were split into two groups & each had to host a morning show. Valentina & Aja were super awkward & competitive. Shea & Sasha were wonderful in the kitchen segment with a chocolate bar & tossing a salad. Naya Rivera was the guest judge this week & she did well with the ‘Good Morning Bitches’ news team. Poor Peppermint, she just struggles with the improv aspect of comedy. She kept stumbling over her words & Trinity was unable to pick up her slack. Charlie Hides was super awkward & uptight during her segment with Cynthia. Cynthia was loose, funny & Charlie was “cold as a dead body”. Eureka & Nina’s segment on dollar store drag was hilarious! Their interview with Naya was BAD. Charlie was rushed, interrupted Naya & she wrapped up the segment quick & it was confusing & cringeworthy. Lots of sexy negligees on the runway this week! Nina’s skeleton face was on fire! Trinity & Charlie had to lipsync for their lives to Britney Spears ‘I Wanna Go’ & trinity nailed it and as Aja said “looks like Charlie is telling children to get ff her lawn”. I was kind ofpissed that Charlie didn’t give it more & basically said London acts sing live, so I’m going to sashay away.

WEEK 5 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Eureka
Eureka | World of Wonder

WEEK FIVE: This week my favorite ‘Broadway Baby’ Todrick Hall was the guest judge. Meghan Trainor was also there in a unicorn onesie. There was a lip sync extravaganza with a musical about The Kardashians. Nina was pissed she didn’t get to play Blac Chyna, but Shea Coulee KILLED IT! Farrah Moan was blah as Kylie. Peppermint was a bootylicious Britney & Sasha gave us fire crotch Lindsay Lohan circa 2004. Aja was Kourtney, but the whole thing with Kourtney is that she can’t be bothered to even enunciate her words, so she didn’t nail it. Cynthia was Kim, but she didn’t even know all the words. Alexis Michelle was heaven as the momager from hell, Kris Jenner. Eureka was a futuristic North West & her knee was still jacked from the previous week’s cheerleading challenge. Poor thing had to do the runway on crutches and she still looked amazing! Farrah Moan & Cynthia Lee Fontaine had to Lipsync to Meghan Trainor’s ‘Woman Up’ &  I would’ve given it to Farrah. BUT!- Ru sent Eureka home because her knee was so jacked up. She does have an open invite for next season, so I can’t wait to see her back!

WEEK 6 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Cynthia Lee Fontaine
Cynthia Lee Fontaine | Logo

WEEK SIX: With a Madonna inspired runway & my fave- Snatch Game! this episode was packed with so much! I am hoping my Girl Nina Bonina Brown can get some confidence and get it together quickly. She is amazing. I thought Peppermint would kill it as Nene Leakes, but she didn’t have the catch phrases and was in serious need of some lemon face and shade for days to pull off the RHOA alum. It was like she had never seen the show. Peppermint shared with the other queens that she identifies as a trans woman & they were all incredibly supportive. <3 Sasha Velour as Marlene Dietrich was on point & her Erotica Madonna was everything! Farrah Moan was forgettable as Gigi Gorgeous in the Match Game, but her Madonna look stepped it up. Alexis Michelle’s Liza was perfection. Poor Cynthia Lee Fontaine tried to pull off Sofia Vergara- it was BAD. Shea Coulee as Naomi Campbell was hilarious! Shea can transform herself into every personality she plays. Nina as Jasmine Masters was so good! I really want to love Aja, but I still feel like her make-up is a mess. Alexis Michelle won this week, but damn was it close with Sasha Velour coming in a close second. Cynthia Lee Fontaine & Peppermint had to lip-sync for their lives to Madonna’s ‘Music’ & I was screaming at my house. Peppermint was unbelievable & I am not sure anyone could have beat her. We said goodbye to Cuckoo!

WEEK 7 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Aja
Aja | Tumblr

WEEK SEVEN: This week featured a 9021-HO themed episode with Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling as co-directors & guest judges. Aja was a total pain & birches about being cast as the Grandma Andrea. My girl, Shea Coulee stepped in & made the role her own & almost stole the show. Trinity was amazing on 9021-HO & Peppermint nailed her lines. Yes! The runway was all about hair & Shea, Trinity & Farrah were my faves this week. The judges said Nina struggled with her enunciation & she and Aja were in the bottom 2. They lip synced for their lives to Cece Peniston’s ‘Finally’ & Nina nudged out Aja, but barely. I was a little sad to see Aja go because she’s such a young queen & her make-up this week was the best yet.

WEEK 8 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Farrah Moan
Farrah Moan | World of Wonder

WEEK EIGHT: We started the episode with a Reading Challenge & I loved it! The queens donned their checkered shades & read each other. Alexis got butt hurt when a few queens mentioned her size. She made a big deal out of it & honestly, it was ridiculous because she went hard at the girls during the Reading Challenge. With guest judge, Tamar Braxton we moved on to roast the one & only Michelle Visage. Peppermint killed it, Nina was awesome, Farrah Moan was so cringeworthy & Alexis Michelle was awful. Peppermint pulled out the win; well deserved! Farrah Moan & Alexis Michelle lip-synched for their life to Dolly Parton’s ‘Baby I’m Burnin” & I gave it to Farrah, but Alexis stayed. Farrah really grew on me this season.

WEEK 9 – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Valentina
Valentina | World of Wonder

WEEK NINE: Trinity said Nina needs to call Patti Labelle because she needs a new attitude. She keeps thinking people are out to get her- her self-esteem & paranoia are out of control.

Maxi challenger is to create, write & star in their own TV Pilot with 2 teams of 2 & one team of 3.

Sasha velour & Shea Coulee, Nina & Valentina & Alexis, Trinity & Peppermint are the teams. I am SO over Alexis Michelle- fighting with Peppermint over the voice over for the pilot & throwing shade at Nina & Valentina. I died when she called Peppermint out for not enunciating.

We got some backstage info that Nina called out Shea for talking trash & their relationship is struggling. Poor Nina & Valentina were not prepared at all with no script & tried to improvise.

The runway look is Club Kid drag. Sasha killed it as a clown in an evening gown. Shea gives everything! She freaking hot glued her face- for real. Nina is serving Skeletor/ bad Bitch & Valentina was in a cool matador meat face look. Alien/ robotic/ venerial disease Realness. I LOVED Peppermint as a giant Peppermint. Alexia Michelle was BLAH in an exposed bodysuit. Sasha & Shea did the damn thing with their TV pilot, ‘Teets & Asky’ going after bad fashion. ‘Nina & Tina’ was a flop about 2 women of the night that go on to compete in Drag Race. ‘Mary Mother of Gay’ with Alexis & Peppermint as mothers to gay men & Trinity as a nun. Damn Alexis Michelle came for Peppermint & Trinity at the panel & Peppermint shut her down real quick. Alexis Michelle makes too many excuses- always. Somehow, Alexis wasn’t up for elimination. Valentina & Nina had to Lipsync for their life to ‘Greedy’ by Ariana Grande. Valentina was wearing a beaded meat mask on her face and she left it on during the competition. RuPaul stopped the competition and had Valentina remove the mask, even though she protested. No surprise, she didn’t know the words, so Nina was the star of the runway, so we said goodbye to Valentina.

Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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