• VPR Pregame Cocktail Recipe
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    Vanderpump Rules Pregame Cocktail

    Vanderpump Rules Pregame Cocktail Sarah and her husband are all about trashy reality TV, and Vanderpump Rules is no exception.  Two of the show’s stars, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval (the resident bartenders at Sur), have put out a long-awaited recipe book –  Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers, and we are stoked to make cocktails this season!  The first one I tried is the Vanderpump Rules Pregame Cocktail. Fancy AF Cocktails Fancy AF Cocktails has a section of “Trashy” Drinks that are intriguing.  They are based on the idea of making a good drink on the go.  The Pregame cocktail doesn’t sound good –…

  • Candied Pecans Recipe Book Blends Cinnamon
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    Candied Pecans Recipe

    Until recently, I did not like pecans. Being from the South, you can see how that is a problem. Pecans are a currency in the Southern US. Well, after trying candied pecans on a salad recently, I’m a true convert. Reasons You Will Love This Candied Pecans Recipe First, this recipe is so simple. Honestly, two bowls, a few ingredients & 45 minutes in the oven. Boom- you’ve got a sweet treat that does some good for you too. Pecans are nutritious & covered in sugar & spices, they are quite nice! Secondly, these pecans are an all-around great snack. Plenty of evenings, I’ve gotten a hankering for something sweet…

  • Pumpkin Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing Recipe
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    Pumpkin Cake Bars

    Pumpkin gets a bad rap these days. All these negative Nancys saying it’s “basic” & the pumpkin spice craze is just a cash grab. I’m here to tell you, you don’t need this kind of negativity in your life! And neither do I. Even the biggest hater of pumpkin-flavored items (my mom!) loves these Pumpkin Cake Bars. The cake is tender, yet sturdy. Even better, it is full of eggs & a whole can of pumpkin. This means I don’t feel bad when my kids eat an uniced piece for breakfast! Sheet Cakes for the Win Now, I love me a beautiful layer cake, but sheet cakes need love too!…

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    Pimm’s Cup

    Pimm’s Cup We are Downton Abbey obsessed this week! Well, we have been Downton Abbey obsessed for years.  All of us here at Really Into This rewatched the entire series to prepare for the movie.  One evening, Sarah and I were talking as she watched the episode with the Jubilee Picnic and there was an entire table full of Pimms No. 1.  We knew then and there we had to have a Pimm’s Cup pronto to feel like we were part of the party. Pimm’s No. 1 A Pimm’s Cup is one of the best cocktails to sip on a summer day.  It is a perfect combination of fresh fruit,…

  • Recipe for Cornish Pasties Downton Abbey cookbook
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    Cornish Pasties

    These Cornish pasties are hearty, handheld pockets of goodness. Meat and veggies wrapped in flaky pie crust. Pasties are a perfect afternoon snack or even dinner if paired with some greens. THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THESE CORNISH PASTIES If you know me, you know my love of Downton Abbey runs deep. Yes, I wanted to celebrate the release of the Downton Abbey Movie this week by baking something really British. No, I couldn’t tackle kidney pie or any of the other concoctions Mrs. Patmore and Daisy whip up on a daily basis. For years I’ve thought, “I should try making hand pies.” But I always get waylaid by wanting to make…

  • Photo of Madeleines
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    My friends, it is time. The Downton Abbey Movie is upon us. I only wish I had made these Madeleines sooner so I could sneak them into the theater with me! This recipe is direct from the Downton Abbey Cookbook, so I have high hopes. With any luck, I’ll make Ms. Patmore proud. Can I pretend I’m sitting with Anna & Mr. Bates while I enjoy this delicious & buttery cake with a cup of hot tea? Let’s Head to the Downstairs Kitchen This is my first time making Madeleines. First, you’ll need a Madeleine pan if you want to do it right. if you still want to give the…

  • Funfetti Cookie Bars with Icing Recipe
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    Funfetti Cookie Bars

    These Funfetti Cookie Bars are the stuff my dreams are made of. First, take a delicious sugar cookie with a hint of almond flavor. Next, top it with a delicious buttercream icing. Finally, top it with enough sprinkles to make anyone smile. This is a perfect dessert for any picnic, party or sweet weekday indulgence. The Inspiration Behind These Bars There is just something so special & fun about Funfetti Cake. Yes, I totally get that it’s just a vanilla cake with sprinkles. But to me, Funfetti exemplifies the fun part of baking. For years, I’ve thrown sprinkles into so many of my bakes. A sugar cookie with icing is…

  • New Orleans Beignets Recipe
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    New Orleans Beignets

    Since I can’t get down to the Bayou State on a whim, these New Orleans beignets will do the trick. When I was in New Orleans for Crime Con, I ate them almost every day. Also, my kids have The Princess and the Frog on heavy rotation this summer, so they asked for some of Tiana’s beignets! Surprisingly, these fried squares of dough are easy to make, super delicious & they pair perfectly with a strong cup of coffee. While I’m a purist at heart, I’m super tempted to eat these along with drinking chocolate, fresh fruit or even an Irish Coffee. Let’s dive in. It’s In The Dough New…

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    Birthday Cake Ice Cream

    Birthday Cake Ice Cream My family is swimming with July birthdays, including mine, and Sarah and I are just a few days apart.  That means cake after cake after cake, not that I am complaining!  Sarah and I both love a classic homemade cake, and it is on the menu for our special days almost every year.  Sarah even jazzes hers up with homemade sprinkles for an awesome Funfetti Birthday Cake!  As delicious as it is, there are times where there is just leftover cake, and this year I re-purposed it and made some Birthday Cake Ice Cream. Birthday Cake & Ice Cream Cake and ice cream is one of…

  • Ultimate Funfetti Birthday Cake with Rainbow Decoration
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    Ultimate Funfetti Birthday Cake

    Birthdays are so special! Jessica & I are both Leos & our birthdays are only a few days apart. When it comes time for the birthday season, we are ready! This Ultimate Funfetti Birthday Cake is fun, delicious & a great centerpiece for any celebration. It’s our take on the classic Funfetti cake. Except our recipe features homemade sprinkles, a buttery & rich buttermilk cake & a thick & creamy buttercream icing. OOPS I DID IT AGAIN This recipe is a take on Joy The Baker’s Birthday cake recipe. Well, one time I added in double the butter – oops! I added in a bit more sugar & took a…

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