• Shelf Stable Vegetable Soup Recipe made in a Dutch oven or Pot
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    Pantry Vegetable Soup Recipe

    Lately, my family is so in love with this Pantry Vegetable Soup Recipe. As soon as social distancing & stay at home orders began, I took the opportunity to teach my kids how to make a meal. Luckily, my daughter is a huge fan of soup. After grabbing what was on our shelves, we set out to make a quick & easy vegetable soup featuring a good amount of shelf-stable ingredients. Pantry Vegetable Soup Recipe -You’re a Winner Baby Well, our first batch of this Pantry Vegetable Soup Recipe was so tasty! Honestly, I thought it may be a fluke. While I do love soup, vegetable soup is never my…

  • Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
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    Black Cocoa White Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I love this Black Cocoa White Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe so much. if you can hold off on eating them all the first day, they are just as fantastic on day 2. These cookies are rich, satisfying & the cure for even the sweetest sweet tooth! A Childhood Favorite Growing up, I binge ate so may Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. You know the ones! The cocoa cookie with the white chocolate chips. Honestly, I didn’t even try any other flavor because these were by far the best! Ever since I’ve been on the hunt for a delicious & satisfying chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. While I’ve tried many recipes, the…

  • Easy Strawberry Cobbler
    Baking,  Recipes,  Sarah Slusher

    Strawberry Cobbler Recipe

    Strawberry Cobbler Recipe It’s no secret that my family LOVES strawberries. We wait all year for the Hood Strawberry season in Oregon. We visit our favorite berry picking spot & pick until we can’t pick anymore. This way we have plenty of strawberries leftover to freeze. Like most of my recipes, this one came from a mistake. We make so many Berry Crisps at our house. Recently, I kept referring to the crisp as a cobbler. My daughter laughed & laughed. She then turned to me & said, what’s a cobbler? Crunchy & Soft Topping Immediately, we set out to make the Ultimate Strawberry Cobbler Recipe. Now, I’ve eaten my…

  • Whisky Cocktail Blackberry Lemonade Recipe
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    Irish Blackberry Lemonade

    Irish Blackberry Lemonade (with a Texas Twist) February blahs are a thing of the past, can we all say AMEN! And we can only hope and pray Spring weather will be not far behind. Let’s put the gloomy days of winter behind us, shall we? Just around the bend are holidays like Spring Break (Get. Here. Faster.), March Madness (that is LIKE a holiday in SOME places, right?) and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day! It doesn’t snow much where I live (it’s Texas, ya’ll) but the sky can get pretty gray and gloomy. And it seems like the gray gloom of winter has been here FOREVER. It IS great reading…

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    Best Mardi Gras Recipes

    Best Mardi Gras Recipes We love any excuse to throw a party! Throw in a theme and we are golden. Since the beginning of Really Into This, we’ve featured loads of Mardi Gras themed recipes. Well, I think we have enough now to throw our own Mardi Gras Listicle! Throw on some Trombone Shorty, let’s hit the dance floor and have a Mardi Gras Party! MARDI GRAS KING CAKE No Mardi Gras party is complete without a delicious King Cake We have 2 recipes on this post! One recipe for a homemade King cake filled with Cream Cheese A second recipe using cinnamon rolls for an easy & tasty king…

  • One Pot Chili Recipe
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    One Pot Beef Chili

    I’ve been on the hunt for a tasty & easy One Pot Beef Chili recipe for ages. Let’s be honest, I really want to make this chili for Frito Pie. There is something so satisfying about a cheesy chili with crunchy corn chips. Let’s dive in! This One Pot Beef Chili is an easy weeknight recipe & as Annelle from Steel Magnolias would say, “It freezes beautifully.” Now, I’m not reinventing the wheel with this recipe. Here are a few tricks to make this super fast & super tasty! Use Quality Ground Beef That is Super Lean I hate cleaning multiple dishes, so super lean ground beef ensures little to…

  • Best Cold Weather Cocktails
    Drinks,  Jessica Bierman,  Recipes

    Best Cold Weather Cocktails

    When it’s cold outside, one of the best ways to warm up is with a hot cocktail.  We have selected some of our favorite boozy creations that will be sure to keep you toasty the whole winter season.  Even better, we partnered with our friend Amy at Novelgossip to bring you a list of books that pair perfectly with cold weather. These are the best cold-weather cocktails. Cold Remedy Hot Toddy The Hot Toddy is a classic winter drink, combining tea and bourbon or whiskey.  This one is kicked up with some healthy home remedies to ward off the sickness of the season. Cold Remedy Hot Toddy Fancy AF Cocktails…

  • Drinks,  Jessica Bierman,  Recipes

    Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy

    Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy Another week, another Vanderpump cocktail.  Sarah and I are determined to drink our way through Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers. The first drink I made was on the trashy side: The Pregame. While that was fun, this time I wanted to try something a little more my style. It’s cold outside, so I have been craving a hot drink. The Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy was calling my name. Dirty Chai Love My go to drink at any coffee shop is a Dirty Chai Latte: the spicy tea, the foam, the espresso; everything about it makes me happy. The…

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    Harvest Moon Salad

    This is a total copycat recipe of the Harvest Moon Salad from McMenamin’s Pub in Portland, Oregon. I happened upon this salad while attending Book Club this fall. Whenever I dine out, I usually try to get a meal that I cannot make at home. Salads are hardly ever included on this list. Yet, when I saw the ingredients list of goat cheese, candied pecans, a maple dressing & butternut squash; I had to try it! Well, wow! This Harvest Moon Salad is delicious I spent all week thinking of it & much like the New Seasons Coastal Kale Salad, I couldn’t get it out of my head until I…

  • Roasting Butternut Squash Recipe
    Recipes,  Veggies

    How to Roast Butternut Squash

    How to Roast Butternut Squash I often find myself googling, How to Roast Butternut Squash because I can never remember the exact roasting time! Below are my favorite tips & tricks for getting your butternut squash to cook perfectly! Butternut squash is something I did not grow up eating. If I remember correctly, I first cooked with it about ten years ago. I remember I didn’t know how to cut it, peel it or cook it. Basically, it was a totally foreign object to me. Since then, I’ve cooked with it numerous times. I love butternut squash in soup, salads & even just plain. It has a really rich &…

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