Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Really Into This Blog Portland
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Really Into This Blog Portland
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour | Portland

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour

Sarah: This weekend Jessica & I visited West Covina, California. No, we didn’t really (yet), but we did spend the night in Portland watching the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live show & it is unreal. If the tour is coming to your city, do what you can to get tickets!

Jessica:  I seriously flew to Portland to see Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live, and it was totally worth it.  It felt great to be surrounded by so many other people who love the show and Rachel Bloom as much as we do!  It was totally inappropriate in all the right ways.  We got a little taste of the people behind the characters, all of whom seemed incredibly thankful for their roles, the fans who love them, and of course Rachel.  I still have songs stuck in my head!

What Songs Are on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour?

Sarah: The show opened with “Where’s Rebecca Bunch?”, which is a perfect choice! We compiled a full list of the songs below. Lucky Chicago, they will have Donna Lynn-Champlin! No matter, the entire cast is so talented & amazing I know every Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour show will be unforgettable.

Pete Gardner

Pete Gardner performed “I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way)” which is one of my family’s favorites. Daryl is just the best.  Pete, who plays Darryl Whitefeather, also performed “Gettin’ Bi”. He dedicated the song to a woman named Amelia after she explained to him that she used the musical number to come out to her family. That was so sweet & really shows the power of this show! Jessica, I already know your favorite song of the night!

Scott Michael Foster & David Hull

Jessica:  As soon as I saw Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster), White Josh (David Hull) and Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez), I knew they were going to sing one of my favorites from last season, “Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too.”  Unfortunately, we didn’t see all of them without their shirts on…I really love the character, Nathaniel.  He ended up being much more nuanced than I ever would have thought, and I have kind of have an obsession with him and Rebecca getting together.  It is no surprise that I was going crazy when they performed “Strip Away My Conscience” & “Let’s Have Intercourse,” two extremely sexy songs between Rebecca and Nathaniel.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Really Into This Greg Gayne:The CW
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend | Greg Gayne:The CW

Jack Dolgen

Sarah: One of the songwriters on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jack Dolgen, played our Portland show. He is a gem. Rebecca made a crack that he wrote a book with his mom about menopause. It’s true & you can download the book here. Jack took on Greg’s (Santino Fontana) song, “I Could If I Wanted To” & joined in during “Remember That We Suffered”. Jack even tackled an audience request of “Sex Toys”. You know Karen’s (Stephnie Weir) alter ego, Angelique right? Well, Angelique sells sex toys as a side business & although the song was ultimately cut from the show, you can find it on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Soundtrack. It’s hilarious & I’m so glad Jack performed it at our show!

Rachel Bloom

Jessica: Rachel, of course, sang a few of Rebecca’s solo hits. “Sex with a Stranger” has always been a favorite, as we all know the dangers of bringing someone home but most of us have ignored them at one time in our lives.  Rachel introduced “Sexy French Depression” as a song dedicated to the weird obsession people have with depressed women (Marilyn Monroe). “You Stupid Bitch” may be the best song of the show thus far (at least according to Vulture).  Rachel took the time to explain how much the song meant to her, not just because of the content, but because she realized she wasn’t alone. We all have moments of self-hatred, and she said that one of the best things about writing a song is when you connect with others.  It is definitely one of the reasons we love you, Rachel.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Portland Oregon Really Into This

Gabrielle Ruiz

Sarah: Our Texas gal, Gabrielle Ruiz danced across the audience while singing “Women Gotta Stick Together” & sang the Valencia classic, “Good at Yoga”. David Hull, who plays White Josh, stood in for Heather (Vella Lovell) during the Spice Girl inspired “Friendtopia”. If that isn’t squad goals, nothing is! I was stoked the cast performed one of my favorites from Season 3, “Let’s Generalize About Men.” I love that video & it aired at the perfect time.

Vincent Rodriguez III

Jessica:  The guys performed “Man Nap,” the awesome 80’s hair band inspired song lead by Daryl.  Even without the pageantry of the show or music video, I was still in stitches.  Vinny and Rebecca performed their racy “We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now” and their chemistry was fantastic!  I definitely left the theater Saturday night with great respect for Vincent Rodriguez.

Sarah: I loved hearing all about Rachel writing the song, “Period Sex”. She wrote it super quick & the song has taken on a life of its own…put down a towel. Oh, Josh Chan is not my favorite character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I love Vincent Rodriguez. He shared his love of all things Gene Kelly with our audience & I’ll always smile a little bigger when I listen to “I’ve Got My Head In The Clouds”. I thought it was special to hear Vinny talk about how much that song & the choreography mean to him. It is really cool to watch someone do something they love & you feel that when you see Vinny perform.

The Finale

Jessica: Rachel performed another favorite from Season 1, “I’m a Good Person,” which still has me laughing three years later.  The one song we knew she would perform was “Heavy Boobs,” though I didn’t know she would be closing the show with it.  Without her shirt.  As a fellow lady with heavy boobs, l was totally expecting to crash the stage and bounce around with her, but I just sang loudly from my seat.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Poster really Into This Blog Rachel Bloom

Why We Need Season 4 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Sarah: Okay, way back when we started this blog, we wrote about a little show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Luckily, Jessica’s mom got her to watch. Then Jessica told me all about it, I binge-watched it & we both still love it. When I tell people about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I try to get them to commit to a few episodes. While I love the musical numbers, not everyone is ready for them.

Jessica: I recently read an article with an excerpt of an interview from 2016 where Rachel Bloom discusses how she and co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna have always had “4 distinct chapters planned out.”  I sincerely hope this means we will get an ending to this incredible, innovate show.  Sarah and I have discussed multiple times how the show will end. No matter the ending, we are not ready for it to be over.  While I am personally rooting for Rebecca and Nathaniel, I know that the most important relationship is the one that Rebecca has with herself. No doubt that Rebecca Bunch deserves a proper ending.  I would fund the last season if I could!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Really Into This Blog

Sarah: We will absolutely Veronica Mars the hell out of this last season if that’s what it comes to. Last night, Rachel Bloom reiterated that the CW Network hasn’t renewed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for Season 4. This is unbelievable to me. While I think Season 1 is excellent & innovative & Season 2 is creative & the show finds it’s footing, Season 3 is some of the best TV I’ve seen. That’s saying a lot because I watch a TON of TV. Season 3 addresses depression, suicide & mental health in a way I haven’t seen on TV before. This season is emotional, raw & meaningful.

Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend With My Daughter

Sarah: My daughter started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend during the third season. While I did not intend to have her get hooked on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, watching the show with her is a really special thing. There are some really deep moments during this third season, remember the flight with the pills? Well, taking the time to explain that episode to my daughter matched with similar conversations about depression, anxiety, etc. has proven to be an important addition to our relationship. She enjoyed watching the majority of the third season so much that we’ve been binge watching Season 1 & Season 2 together and talking about everything – & I do mean everything – that comes up. Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is invaluable to my daughter & me & I truly hope we get a Season 4.


We are still Really Into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & dammit, CW we need & deserve a fourth season! Also, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live show is so much fun & we loved every second.

Can’t make it to the show but still want merchandise? You can find it here.

Want to binge watch the show? Check out Netflix or the CW App.

Set List – In Absolutely no Particular Order Because We Were Having Too Much Fun to Remember

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Tour Set List Portland

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