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Reality Life with Kate Casey Podcast

Reality Life with Kate Casey Podcast

Every week comedian and author Kate Casey from recaps your favorite reality shows. Featured segments include funny episode recaps from famous and not as famous guests and interviews with reality stars of the past and present.

Nothing Like Good Reality TV

DEREK: I love reality TV & I have no shame about it. While I set my DVR to a few staples like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and all of the MTV Challenges, I watch way more than I DVR. My favorite way to watch reality TV is to binge watch. It’s just the best way for me to relax & the drama is hilarious.

Knowing how much I enjoy reality TV, Sarah told me I should try to listen to Kate’s podcast, Reality Life.  Sarah “met” Kate on Twitter & joined her Facebook group for fellow Reality TV junkies. Since Sarah is so busy listening to True Crime podcasts like Dirty John, Atlanta Monster & Someone Knows Something, she asked me to give it a go.

Reality Life with Kate Casey Podcast Review Gary Teen Mom
Gary | Teen Mom

My First Reality Life Episode

DEREK: The first episode I listened to was about the newest season of TLC’s Sister Wives. In case you don’t know, Sister Wives is about a polygamist family & they’ve definitely got some issues. Kate has Steve Stauff watch the show & then they talk about it. I was cracking up laughing when Steve mentioned the tiny shirts worn by the soon to be son-in-law, Tony. It’s also funny to hear them rehash the more ridiculous parts of the show like when they’re trying to finalize their menu of taco truck style food for the wedding. And who could forget Meri’s ridiculous scheme to purchase a “bed and breakfast”? I totally agree with Kate & Steve that Christine just wants to get Meri the hell out of Nevada. Right off the bat, I knew I was hooked.

SARAH: That is what is so awesome about the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, she really does say what we are thinking! We almost always watch reality trash TV together, then we listen to the podcast. It’s so much fun to relive all the crazy moments with Kate and her guests. Often, they bring up stuff we don’t catch.

Thank you, Reality Life for 90-Day Fiance

DEREK: One of the things I enjoy about Reality Life is it introduces me to new shows. Kate talks a lot about 90-Day Fiance & over the holiday break we binged it. Let me tell you, IT IS WORTH IT. 90-Day Fiance centers around couples going through the K-1 visa process. If approved, the partner is brought to the US with the understanding that a marriage will occur within 90 days or the visa is revoked.

There is so much drama with 90-Day Fiance & we love it. Finding this show is the closest I will ever come to having an Oprah “A-ha” moment. I mean it; it is a gold mine. You know that a lot of these couples are not going to make it long-term, but it’s so enjoyable watching them try.

SARAH: Judge if you will, but our daughter loves 90-Day Fiance too. Since we binged it over the holiday season, she got into the drama as well. I fell asleep one night only to wake up the next morning to her giving me a recap of the reunion. The other day at the mall, she saw a long-haired brunette with high heels & said, “She looks like Anfisa”. Our daughter is the next generation of Reality Life. She loved 90-Day Fiance so much that she got a bonus question on a quiz correct because the answer was Morocco. Thank you, Azan & Nicole!

DEREK: Luckily, we caught up just in time to hear the episode with David from 90-Day Fiance. David had lots of drama with his daughter Ashley, his friend Chris & his wife Annie. By this time, Sarah was deep in Kate’s Facebook group & told me Kate was going to be interviewing David soon. It’s a great episode & cool to get David’s perspective on the show.

Kate Casey’s Facebook Group

SARAH: If you enjoy reality TV, then you’ve got to join Kate’s Facebook group so you don’t miss any of the off-season drama. In the group,  Kate lets you know who she is planning to interview & you can submit questions. This weekend someone suggested interviewing Matt from Hoarders & BOOM – the next day Kate is able to get him booked for the podcast. I mean, how awesome is that? Listeners and active Facebook group members get to be a part of the show in a small way

Reality Life with Kate Casey Podcast Review Patricia Southern Charm
Patricia | Southern Charm

DEREK: The Facebook group is full of reality TV lovers like me. We love it because Sarah is usually trolling the Facebook group & will let me know what’s going down so I don’t miss any of the drama. Members are up to date on Instagram drama from Love After Lock-Up, there are screenshots of tweets from Southern Charm cast members & more. The Facebook group offers discussions & observations that are hilarious. If you’re Into reality TV at all, you’ve got to join the group!

SARAH: Almost every day we are talking some kind of trash or drama about our reality TV stars. I don’t know how, but Derek always seems to have the scoop on whats happening. I love the Facebook group because these people, like us, love reality TV. I swear some of them must work for the CIA. Recently, someone was able to make a connection about one of the daughters of Sister Wives dating the brother of one of the wives from Seeking Sister Wife. That’s impressive & I love it. I will go deep into an Instagram & Twitter account, but these Facebook group members are next level detectives.


Reality Life is funny, timely & Kate is a great interviewer. She knows her reality TV! There are shows that come up that are long forgotten & Kate is able to remember so many crucial details.

DEREK: I appreciate this as I watched a ton of the early reality shows. The Reality Life with Kate Casey Podcast also has a wide variety of guests who are all pretty funny. I especially enjoy the guest reviewers. I look forward to the podcast because it is a great supplement to my reality TV.

SARAH: I love it because it’s another way for Derek & I to connect. We both love reality TV and we can listen to the podcast separately, but we always talk about it together. Reality Life with Kate Casey is a gem & I’m so thankful we found Kate and her group of reality TV lovers.


Kate Casey is a comedian, author, and host of Reality Life with Kate Casey. Kate writes reality television recaps and parenting humor. She is the author of You Know You Are Pregnant When… Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There. She is also a contributing writer for, Motherly, Scary Mommy and Hot Moms Club. Kate is a featured comic for US Weekly Fashion Police. She is a regular guest on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast and frequent contributor on FABlife on ABC. She and her husband and four kids live in Southern California.

Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs she initially pursued a career in politics attending college in Washington DC and interning for Congressional, Senate, and presidential campaigns and at The White House. After 15 years providing media consulting to law firms (and giving birth to several children) she realized her dream was to write comedy.
In her free time she enjoys working out, singing karaoke, and eating tacos. She believes mayonnaise is the devil’s condiment and strollers should be used to transport children and not small dogs wearing clothes and bedazzled necklaces.

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