Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf Kindle Unlimited Hanukkah Romance
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Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf

Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf Kindle Unlimited Hanukkah Romance
I read Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf on Kindle Unlimited.

Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf is my first Hanukkah romance & I absolutely loved it!

Things I Loved

1. It’s a Hanukkah themed book! I loved the setting of the 8 days of Hanukkah. The family traditions, prayers, lighting of the candles and the age-old question of sour cream or applesauce with your potato latkes?
2. A cozy, open door & believable romance between two new neighbors.
3. These characters communicate & are open & vulnerable with one another.
4. A short & memorable novella – I seriously think novellas are my new thing. I don’t need a lot of build-up. Give me the love story and let’s get it going.
5. Eight Cozy Nights is a perfect foray into diverse holiday reads for me. I loved it so much! It’s part of a series but you can read it as a stand-alone.


Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf is available on Kindle Unlimited & can easily be read in about 90 minutes. Y’all please keep me updated on your holiday reading recs!

Let’s connect over books! Check out all of our reviews on Goodreads. Some of my other favorite Holiday reads are  An Alaskan Christmas if you’re looking for steamThe Christmas Sisters is a great heartfelt read & A Wedding in December is very low on steam, but such a lovely story. One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey is a fantastic novella.

The lowdown on Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf from Goodreads


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