The Power Rangers Movie Really Into This
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The Power Rangers Movie

The Power Rangers Movie Really Into This The Power Rangers Movie

I had no intention of seeing this movie. I watched Power Rangers as a kid, but I never got Really Into it. My five-year old son on the other hand, loves the Power Rangers. For Christmas he asked for a Gold Power Ranger costume, a Red Ranger Power Sword & a new Megazord after his last one finally broke. He gets lost in these toys, lost in the movies, acts out the scenes; you could say he’s Really Into it.

My five-year-old son is also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. When he gets Into something, we all follow suit. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (still know the words), Cars (we have about 5 extra McQueen cars so everyone had an extra at all time), YouTube videos of people unwrapping toys (still can’t believe this is a thing, but we watched it anyway), Thomas the Train & more.  We reserved seats for tonight for all of us to go & made it an event for him, and let’s be honest, Derek was pumped about the movie too.

The Power Rangers Movie Really Into This

Billy – The Power Rangers Movie

Imagine my surprise when Billy, the Blue Ranger confided in his friend that he is on “the spectrum”. My husband & I turned towards each other with hesitant smiles not knowing how this character’s behavior might play out.

Let me just say, we cried; all of us cried. Our heart swelled so many different times in the movie. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but this film featured a main character, who is on the spectrum & in my opinion did a phenomenal job. Billy is intelligent, social, creative, insightful & MAKES EYE CONTACT! He is kind, gentle & loved by his new friends. Billy explains to Jason, the Red Ranger, that his brain works differently & has difficulty with sarcasm. That’s it- no more/no less. Billy’s brain works differently & there’s not really a mention of it again. Through his actions, we see a character who runs through scenarios in his head, lines up his colored pencils, is technologically savvy, quite enjoys being the center of attention on his terms & is able to empathize & make lasting relationships. We can tell the writers, actors & those involved with this film really took this endeavor seriously & responsibly & I just want to say a big thank you & a big hug to you all. Also, these Krispy Kreme doughnuts were on point!

The Power Rangers Movie Really Into This Krispy Kreme
Power Rangers & Krispy Kreme

Diversity in The Power Rangers Movie

This film also featured a LGBTQ superhero, a young man in a caregiver role for his mother & a teenage girl being bullied by her so-called friends. This was such a monstrous step-up from the goofy Power Rangers of my day, that I hardly recognized it. This group was so incredibly diverse, represented folks with different abilities as equals & will be a movie we watch over & over.


If you’re on the fence about this movie, go see it. If you don’t want to see it, go anyway. I’m Really Into this film & so is this guy. If you loved The Power Rangers, check out Wonder Woman too.

The Power Rangers Movie Really Into This
Power Ranger Fan

The Power Rangers Movie

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  • Bryan

    Even tho for the most part the film shows the story line of the main characters becoming the power rangers with one great fight with goldar. it was great! showing a possible sequel.
    Just so people know u can only show just so much in a 2 hour movie and so that said they had to show how they became power rangers.

    • Sarah Slusher

      Yes, I would love a sequel Bryan. I would love a dozen of them if they are all as good as this movie! I’m so glad you’re Into it too. Were you a fan of the TV show? And, who is you favorite ranger? <3

  • RobertBoile

    this is my favorite movie out of all the power rangers movie released. this is the first movie that i owned (and in VHS back when i was a tiny child).i would watch this every single week and almost had the script memorized. i would wear my pink ranger costume and held onto my action figure while reciting the lines from the movie. cheers for our childhood.

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