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SPOILER ALERT: This is a Sherlock Recap, so we are talking about previous seasons, what we can’t wait to see on the Season 4 premiere tomorrow & how to binge this amazing show. Please read ahead if you want to get caught up on previous seasons, but STOP READING NOW if you want to experience this brilliant show firsthand. Then, come back so we can talk all about it!



What an exciting start to 2017, Season 4 of Sherlock! Sherlock returns for its fourth season on January 1, 2017 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS. Yes! That makes my New Year’s day truly special. I am totally a Sherlock geek. If you have watched the previous 3 seasons, then the question in everyone’s mind is “Is Moriarty really back?”

If you haven’t seen the previous 3 seasons, you need to get on Netflix. If you love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s Sherlock Holmes mysteries, you’d love this one. The other big reason to watch would be Benedict Cumberbatch. There is absolutely no one better to play Sherlock than Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman does a fantastic Doctor Watson. They have such amazing chemistry together. No one could get through Sherlock’s eccentric personality like Doctor Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch’s excellent delivery of the cleverly written dialogues makes one want to watch every episode many times!

Ten episodes have been produced so far, each one with a three-part series. Season 1 airing in 2010, Season 2 in 2012, Season 3 in 2014, and a special episode airing on 1 January 2016.

It all starts at 221B Baker Street, London..


Season 1 was an absolute delight introducing Sherlock to Doctor Watson and reveals the awkward but somewhat caring relationship between Sherlock and his British government executive brother Mycroft Holmes, played by Mark Gatiss. The season concluded with standoff between Sherlock and his archnemesis Jim Moriaty.

Season 2 starts with Dr Watson’s blog of Sherlock’s cases making the duo popular with the press.. Scandal in Belgravia, the first one of the season reveals a bit softer part of Sherlock when “The Dominatrix” walks into his life. The season concludes with a cliffhanger when Sherlock jumping off the roof the hospital building.. really?  The wait for Season 3 was ruthless..


Season 3 was quite different from Season 2 and 3, a bit more on the darker side..but every episode, still a nail bitter. This season brings in the amazing Mary Watson played by Amanda Abbington. This season ends with a public broadcast from no one else than Jim Moriarty..


We did not see a new season of Sherlock January 1 2016, but Serial Special “The Abominable Bride” which depicts Sherlock in an alternative Victorian London, also outstanding.


That brings us to January 1st 2017, and I’m thrilled it’s here..This show has me on my toes every single episode and yes, you got it, I’m really into it!

Tell me “Is Jim Moriarty really back?” What did you think of Season 4, Ep1 “The Six Thatchers”?

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