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The Crown

The Crown Netflix Vanity Fair Really Into This Blog Julian Broad
Photo by Julian Broad | Vanity Fair

The Crown Released November 4, 2016 on Netflix

Season 2 released December 8, 2017

The Crown on Netflix

I know I am Really Into a show when I forsake my precious sleep for it, & The Crown on Netflix is definitely a show I am Really Into. Multiple friends tell me it is amazing, but it’s a hard show to watch when I’ve got 2 small children running around. My binge goal for Christmas was The Crown & WOW! Be still my heart.

The show is originally based on a play, “The Audience” & it’s devoted to the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. According to Vanity Fair, the show cost over $100 million dollars to create, making it Netflix’s most expensive thus far. The cinematopgrphy is incredible. The English countryside, the homes, the artwork stacked high on the walls & the fashion. I know several folks who said they mainly watched Downton Abbey for the fashion & I’m sure they would feel the same way about The Crown.

The Royal Family

The Crown Netflix Matt Smith Julian Broad Vanity Fair Really Into This Blog
Photo by Julian Broad | Vanity Fair

First off, Matt Smith (of Doctor Who fame) looks just like Prince Philip, right? I mean, it’s nuts. His character is one of my favorite parts of the show. I’ve always thought the Prince was a fun, supportive old chap & the show paints him in a similar fashion thus far.

It’s really nice to get a different look at Queen Elizabeth. I cannot imagine being a young mother & having the throne thrust upon my family. What an incredible responsibility & commitment to be made at a young age.

Next, Claire Foy is perfectly cast as Elizabeth. Claire’s ability to portray this version of the Elizabeth we’ve rarely seen is spot on. The scene where her grandmother explains there is now 2 Elizabeths & the crown must always win is breathtaking.

The Crown Netflix Claire Foy Julian Broad Vanity Fair Really Into This Blog
Photo by Julian Broad | Vanity Fair

Now, I want to read more about the royal family. I don’t mean I want to read tabloids, but I want to read more about this time in Elizabeth’s life & this time in England. My husband heard good things about this book, Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill. I am curious, has anyone read it or know any good books based on this time in England’s history?

Speaking of Winston Churchill, John Lithgow is unreal as the Prime Minister. Of course, he does a phenomenal job, as he’s one of the best actors ever. Honestly, I still have nightmares from his role on Dexter.

The Crown Netflix Vanessa Kirby Julian Broad Vanity Fair Really Into This Blog
Photo by Julian Broad | Vanity Fair

Lastly, Vanessa Kirby is just amazing as Princess Margaret. She’s fierce, defiant, sexy & irresistible. I just can’t take my eyes off her. Her clothes, her attitude- she’s a bad ass.


I am Really Into The Crown! Thank you, friends, for this incredible recommendation of The Crown. I even love the soundtrack- it’s beautifully composed, haunting & relaxing. I’m so completely in love with this song from the “Act of God” episode. I can’t stop listening to it.

This show is thrilling, smart, captivating & so addictive. What other shows are you Really Into right now?

The Crown Soundtrack

The Crown Netflix Claire Foy Queen Elizabeth Julian Broad Vanity Fair Really Into This Blog
Photo by Julian Broad | Vanity Fair

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