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Trombone Shorty Parking Lot Symphony

Trombone Shorty Parking Lot Symphony

Every once in a while, I fall so deeply in love with something that I have to share it with everyone & Trombone Shorty’s Parking Lot Symphony album is my latest love affair.

I was born in Louisiana, so I have a soft spot for New Orleans Jazz & Lord knows, I sure love the blues. But, I also love R&B (specifically 90’s R&B) and love anything that makes feet move, my hips sway & my heart feel.

I came across Parking Lot Symphony on Amazon Prime’s New Releases about a month ago & I keep thinking I’ll tire of it, but I don’t. My love for this album keeps growing. Below I’m highlighting a few of my favorites, but I’m Really Into every song on this album.

‘It Ain’t No Use’ definitely has some Robert Cray blues vibe to me. This is a brilliant cover of The Meters & I’m always a sucker for a man who is so in love with a woman that he’s just giving up & giving in to her. This song has a bit of a melancholy feel that the blues always gives me, but when that instrumental chorus hits, it’s just so smooth.

You got me where you want me/ I’m shackled to your love

‘Familiar’ has such a 90’s R&B feel to me & I feel like Usher would kill for this song. There’s a girl he’s feeling & he can’t remember how or where he met her. She’s got a ring on, but she’s kind of checking him out, so he’s thinking he might go for it. It’s got this sexy vibe & I can’t get enough of it.

Dancin’ ain’t really cheatin’/ Unless we’re doin’ it every weekend/ Tell your man to come through, yeah/ I’ll show him how to dance with you, yeah

‘Tripped Out Slim’ is a full instrumental & it’s amazing. It’s the best summer song I’ve heard this year & a staple for parties. It’s got this unstoppable funky beat & it’s so much fun. Seriously, try to listen to this song without bobbing tour head or shakin’ your tail- I dare you.

‘Dirty Water’ is definitely one of my favorites on this album. It hits that old school R&B feel head on & it’s about redemption, love & hope. It’s a feel good song & who doesn’t love that?

If you take me down, I’ve got one more round/ Give me the dirty water I can wash my hands/ To every face in the crowd/ before the light goes out I hope the love gets through to you.

‘Here Come the Girls’ is a crowd pleaser for sure. The drum beat hits at the start & you’re just hooked from there. It’s a cover of fellow New Orleans musician, Ernie K-Doe.  A song with a man showing some love & appreciation for beautiful women is usually a hit with me. No doubt when he is on tour this summer, this song will be so amazing live. It’s got a catchy chorus with a good beat- perfection!

Look out, blood, let me get further, little closer to the one I love/ Anything better than the opposite sex, they must-a kept it up above.

Oh my gosh, y’all! As if I wasn’t Really Into Trombone Shorty already, he also has a self-titled children’s book that chronicles his early beginnings with New Orleans Jazz. There’s a picture of him as a toddler with none other than Bo Diddley. It’s Really well done & he also has a scholarship set up to help ensure the continued tradition of New Orleans Jazz. Be still, my heart.


We are planning on seeing Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue when they come to Portland this summer. I can’t wait. I’ve got no doubt the live show will be so much fun. What albums are y’all Really Into right now? What are some of your favorite summer songs so far? I’m still loving Gaga, of course.

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