Storiarts Raven Writing Gloves Really Into This
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Storiarts Raven Writing Gloves Really Into This
Storiarts Raven Writing Gloves

I am Really Into reading, cotton fabrics, comfy clothing & feeling cozy, so when my friend, Michelle, told me about Storiarts I was hooked.

About Storiarts

Storiarts is a husband & wife team based out of Portland, OR who make literary-inspired goods. They’ve been around since 2011 & I’m in love with their products. It’s American made, except for the French ribbon used in the summer scarves, local, high quality & they even sell their products at the Library of Congress & The New York Public Library Shop.

This winter, I went all in after researching their products. I ordered writing gloves, bookbands/headbands & scarves. A few months in & I have to say, I rarely leave my house without my Storiarts. All the products are thick, comfortable, warm & can be worn so many different ways.

Bailey & ‘The Raven’ Scarf

Often, I peruse the Storiarts Etsy store & website & there are so many cool things. Check out this Storybook Baby Blanket! I think I want ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ one for myself.

Storiarts ‘Storybook Baby Blanket’

These bookband or headbands are super cute as well. Channa wears them all the time. They keep your ears warm & I love wearing them to keep my hair out of my face when I’m on the computer.

Channa & ‘Anne of Green Gables’ Bookband

Winters in Portland are cold & wet, so these writing gloves come in super handy. They keep my hands warm, but allow my fingers to stay to function as needed. They are soft & easy to take on & off. I Really wanted the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ gloves, but I don’t trust myself with white gloves-ever.

Our Storiarts closet

Custom Goods

I am Really thinking of getting a custom piece made. Storiarts offers custom orders on their Etsy page at different times of the year. They even have T-shirts & other home goods. I am Really Into This ‘Little Women’ pillow cover, but there are so many fantastic choices I can’t pick just one. If you could have a custom literary-inspired good, what would it be? I’m thinking some inspiring words from Brene Brown would make a Really cool blanket or scarf.

Storiarts ‘Little Women’ Pillow Cover


If you’re on Instagram as much as me, then you’ve probably seen Storiarts products & they are the real deal. I’m not easy on anything & they’ve held up & look brand new after over 9 months of use. Spring is here & I’m thinking I may try out one of their lightweight scarves. I just love having words that mean something to me as part of my wardrobe. The fabric, the fonts & the artwork are all so beautiful & I love supporting handmade goods made in my town.

Bailey & ‘Hamlet’ Bookband

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