PJ Salvage Pajamas Sleepwear Really Into This
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PJ Salvage Pajamas

PJ Salvage Pajamas Sleepwear Really Into ThisPJ Salvage Pajamas

I am so jealous of my kid’s pajamas. They are warm, have cool designs, are super cute & comfy & I’ve been looking for a comparable pair for adults & I finally struck gold- PJ Salvage.

At Nordstrom‘s Winter Clearance Sale, I stumbled upon a pair of PJ Salvage flannel pajamas. They were $68 originally, but on sale for about $30. They felt thick, soft & had some cute holiday dogs on them. I fully expected them to shrink, pill & to become capris on me, like my other PJ purchases over the last few years. I am happy to say they’ve been washed at least a dozen times & are holding strong and soft as ever.

PJ Salvage at Nordstrom Rack

During the Clear the Rack Sale at Nordstrom Rack, I scoured the aisles looking for more PJ Salvage & I went a little nuts. They had so many pairs of flannels that I snatched up, I am good for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean my friends are! Hmm, wonder if I Really need to wash my hair or if I can stretch it out another day? The morning dilemma. PJ Salvage Pajamas Sleepwear Really Into This

PJ Salvage & Coffee

My friend Aroa LOVES coffee, so I had to snatch her a pair of these super cute pink PJs with all sort of caffeine-filled beverages on them. I told her to please let me know if she didn’t like them, so I could take them off her hands. Looks like I won’t be getting them back. PJ Salvage Pajamas Sleepwear Really Into This

PJ Salvage & Wine

My cousin Bailey LOVES to drink wine, so I snatched up these wine, champagne & rosé themed PJs for her birthday. Texas is too hot for flannels most of the time, but these kept her warm when she visited us in Portland. She still loves them. PJ Salvage Pajamas Sleepwear Really Into This

PJ Salvage Flannels

My daughter, Channa loves to travel and is a connoisseur of sleep masks. Seriously, she has about 8 of them, so I had to grab this pair for her. Shhhh, don’t tell her because I’m putting it up for next Christmas! I know, me planing ahead?!? Hell has truly frozen over. Let’s hope I don’t forget where I put them. PJ Salvage Pajamas Sleepwear Really Into This

PJ Salvage Pajamas for Kids

We bought these for Channa as well- the girl is growing tall! The kid’s pajamas seem to be a tiny bit softer than the adults, but both are amazing. How cute are these? PJ Salvage, why don’t you make these in my size?

PJ Salvage at Nordstrom


These PJ Salvage pajamas are so awesome, I can’t trust myself to search their website. I’m afraid I would empty my bank account. I know it’s not Really the season for flannels, but they do have some super cute Spring & Summer PJs also. Looks like I might be needing some new pajamas after all. A year later, they are just as cozy & soft as the day I bought them.

PJ Salvage City of Love Strip Short Set


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