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Your New Shopping Addiction: CUPSHE

Your New Shopping Addiction: CUPSHE

We all love a good bargain and fabulous clothes, right? RIGHT. Thanks to the goddess that is Pinterest, I have discovered perhaps the greatest (and cheapest) online, retail indulgence:!

Odd name, great deals! I came across this online shopping company about a year ago while getting my daily dose of Pinterest. I found the hottest, yet conservative (showing my stomach makes me a little uncomfortable), one-piece swimsuit and I rocked it for the summer. They have plenty more one-pieces, bikinis and high-waisted suits as well. Once I found this retail utopia, I found more than just one cute swimsuit…..I found tons! Not to mention the most fabulous dresses, rompers, sweaters, beach towels and more. They have just about everything you need in your closet, especially when it comes to Summer fashion.

But let’s talk about the best part, the PRICES! I swear, they make Marshalls and TJ Maxx look mediocre. Almost every swimsuit is under $20 (newer ones are under $30) and the other clothing items don’t go far past $30. They also have sales every month, so the prices get even LOWER. You wouldn’t know a better deal than this if it hit you square in your face.

The website is easy to navigate and very trustworthy. The products ship straight from China and I can vouch for the safe handling and delivery; all of my purchases have looked great and held up well. The free shipping takes about a week, but hey, it’s FREE. You can speed up the delivery for a few extra bucks if you’re impatient (I wouldn’t judge; I don’t like waiting for my Cupshe either).

The only downside is that you cannot order a swimsuit top and bottom in two different sizes, which can be a dilemma for those of us with more bottom than top, or vice versa. However, my medium sized swimsuit fit me perfectly despite the fact that I’m usually a large on my bottom half, so one size may work for you too. But seriously, CHECK THEM OUT. Cupshe has changed my shopping life and it’ll change yours too!

Cheerio ole chaps! I'm a retired dancer & an aspiring broadcast journalist who would love to work for CNN London (I'm a Brit at heart). I love talking to anyone who listens & reliving my dance days in my kitchen. Chicken nuggets are a crucial part of my diet as well as Moscato. In my downtime, I enjoy napping with my rescue Pitbull, Cowboy & binge-watching CSI: Miami. Happy reading sexy beasts!


  • June

    Cuspshe has to be the worst – products not as they appear, products that simply never arrive (for months) and then months of wrangling in order to get your money back. Then only a partial refund because they don’t refund shipping….on items they never delivered in the first place. They reply to emails but just try to exhaust you into gving up.
    Stay away from Cupshe unless you enjoy parting with your money with nothing in return.
    Watch out for the reviews are clearly written by Cupshe – surname first (as the Chinese do) and they only every reply to thank or address genuine reviews…no response = a fake review.
    There are plenty of alternatives doing a much better job than Cupshe!

    • Jessica Bierman

      Oh my I am so sorry this was the experience you had! Fortunately for us, we were not disappointed in this product or service at all. Hopefully others have better luck than you as well.

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