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Wonder Woman Movie Review: Go See it!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Movie Review: Go See it!

Spoiler alert: I LOVED this movie. Please go see it, so we can talk about it.

I’m going to give you the quickest rundown ever because lets face it, there are plenty other ‘reviews’ that are likely way better than mine.

First thing: ANN WOLFE. Baby D & I have followed Ann Wolfe for almost 2 decades. She’s a boxing trainer from our home town of Austin, Texas. She’s a total bad-ass, hard-ass, tough as nails, damn good fighter, she’s the picture of perseverance, dedication & hard work.

Black Film


Ann was initially homeless when she moved to Austin, TX, decided she wanted to box, put in the work & became an 8-time women’s boxing champion. She plays Artemis in Wonder Woman & we couldn’t be prouder. We seriously cried when she hit the big screen.

International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame


Second thing: Gal Gadot was spectacular. She goes from a naive Amazon princess to the nasty world of men & has to make sense & make peace with the world of men. She’s tough, kind, introspective, loving & fierce as hell. She’s freaking Wonder Woman!



OMG: Chris Pine was so great in this film. He’s snarky, patriotic, smart, loving & he was like a Kurt Russell Junior. Kurt Russell is so passionate and believable in all his roles, but he always seems like a ‘regular guy’ & Chris pulls off this role with those same characteristics. I LOVED his character & I think I may have even fallen in love with his character, Steve. He’s not too bad on the eyes either.



Last thing: If you haven’t seen this movie, go! Run, take a cab, take a bus, hitch a ride with a friend. It’s so amazing; I cried twice. Ann Wolfe, boxing legend, hits the big screen as Artemis. Gal Gadot is perfection & Chris Pine is giving us serious Kurt Russell vibes. Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Chief, Charlie & Sameer each have their own important story to tell. If you want to see it, let me know- I’ll go again! #wonderwoman

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