Tweet Cute by Emma Lord Book Review
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Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Tweet Cute
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Published: 1/21/2020
A fresh, irresistible rom-com from debut author Emma Lord about the chances we take, the paths life can lead us on, and how love can be found in the opposite place you expected. Meet Pepper, swim team captain, chronic overachiever, and all-around perfectionist. Her family may be falling apart, but their massive fast-food chain is booming ― mainly thanks to Pepper, who is barely managing to juggle real life while secretly running Big League Burger’s…
Tweet Cute by Emma Lord Book Review
Special thanks to Wednesday Books for providing our copy of Tweet Cute by Emma Lord in exchange for an honest & fair review.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

The title says it all. This book is so CUTE! While it’s marketed as YA, I honestly feel like my middle-grade reader could read this book & enjoy it.

Let me be clear, that’s a good thing!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord addresses some timely & relatable issues. I love how Lord addresses the fact that Pepper’s family is putting some unnecessary stress on her by having her run their corporation’s Twitter account. She’s doing this while she is still in High School. Pepper already has the burden of class, test & trying to get into a good college. Match that with uprooting herself to NYC & maintaining a blog with her sister & she’s got a lot going on.

Side note: I would love her blog. They bake ridiculous things like Monster Cake & I couldn’t love it more! Also, as I’m typing this review I am just realizing that the character’s names are Pepper & Jack. This story focuses on a viral Twitter feud involving grilled cheese sandwiches. Like I said, SO STINKING CUTE!

Jack is a great character too! I love that Lord focuses on the relationship between Jack & his brother. The differences in the parent’s expectations between Jack & his brother are very interesting. I think this is something a lot of people can relate to.


Overall, Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is an enjoyable, charming & fun read. Perfect for anyone looking to break up their regular reading pattern & try something new. Tweet Cute is a total feel-good book. Just be sure to have some grilled cheese handy! If you’re in the mood for less angsty YA, be sure to check out Frankly in Love by David Yoon & The Perfect Escape by Suzanne Park.

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