Archie Comics Riverdale Really Into This
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Archie Comics Riverdale Really Into ThisSeason 2 of Riverdale airs October 11th, 2017 on The CW

Riverdale is an American teen drama show that’s based on the characters from Archie Comics. Riverdale‘s first season consists of 13 episodes & it premiered January 26, 2017.

Why are We Really Into Riverdale?

Sarah: Teen Vogue is obsessed with Riverdale. I’m serious. I get their e-mail updates & at least 1/3 of them are about Riverdale. Tired of missing out on the party, I jumped into Riverdale a few weeks ago. I was hooked from the first episode. Riverdale is a cross between Veronica Mars & Gossip Girl, but with the characters we know & kind of remember from the Archie comics.

Bailey: I’ve been itching to dive into this show ever since I saw previews for it in the Spring. It crept its way into my Netflix feed last month and let me tell you, I am not disappointed that I gave it a try. I became instantly hooked and it took me a matter of three days to watch the entire season. The final episode had me freaking out and left me with SO many questions that I triple-checked Netflix to make sure there were no more episodes to watch. October 11th happens to be my best friend’s birthday, but this year, October 11th is simply known as Riverdale Season 2 Premiere Day!

Arhie Riverdale Really Into This

The Fashion

Sarah: Riverdale walks the line of representing the 50’s style we expect from the comic but adds enough edge & glam to make it stylish for today. Betty’s bedazzled Peter Pan collars, pink cardigans & simple ponytails match her wholesome spirit. Archie is rarely without his varsity jacket. Jughead reps the brooding loner look well. Veronica is definitely more New York with her sleek hair, red lips, fitted A-Line skirts.

Cheryl Blossom’s style deserves her own post. Furs, her long, red hair paired with her spider brooch – she’s in a league of her own.

Cheryl Riverdale Really Into This

Bailey: It took me at least five episodes to figure out what era this show was set in. The clothes, Pop’s Diner, and the Blossom’s cherry red convertible had me thinking it was the 1950’s. However, the iPhones and Cheryl’s thigh-high boots screamed 2017. The ladies have it when it comes to the fashion with Veronica’s slick dresses and capes, Betty’s button-ups and sweaters, and Cheryl’s, well, everything. There are two things I’ve been dreaming of since Riverdale fashion came into my life: that I could rock a slicked-back pony like Betty and not look like a founding father, and that Cheryl’s closet could become mine. I agree with Sarah; Cheryl’s style is on point and I can’t get enough of it. That red lipstick, the skirts, her fire locks, and even her HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) cheer shirt make me want to be her.

The Location

Pop's Chock 'Lit Shoppe Riverdale Really Into ThisSarah & Bailey: Our passports are ready & we are heading up to Vancouver to visit Pop’s Chock-Lit Shoppe. Who doesn’t love a good burger and a milkshake?

Considering this diner pops up in every episode, the food must be hella good. That, or it’s the only place to eat in the small town. Either way, we need it our life. And if you haven’t noticed, Vancouver is the go-to film spot for good shows, especially ones on the CW network (Supernatural has been filmed here for 12 seasons). This city must something special so it’s definitely on our travel list.

Betty & Veronica

Betty is just the best. Her horrific mother is having her pop pills, her sister is gone, she’s in love with her best friend (Archie) and he doesn’t feel the same way. Betty is no pushover. She’s “the good girl” but she is so much more. She’s tough, fierce, smart, kind & gorgeous! There is something really tender about her & Archie. That boy next door, high school love is so sweet & innocent.

Betty Riverdale Really Into This

We love Veronica too. She’s shown herself to be a great friend to Betty & goes out of her way to be friendly to Cheryl, even though she’s a total nut. Their dance-off was epic! Also, Veronica is dealing with some issues. She’s moved to Riverdale & her dad is a Bernie Madoff type guy that is in prison. Veronica’s hoping for a fresh start & she expertly navigates the social scene of Riverdale.

Veronica Danceoff Riverdale Really Into This

Awesome pop culture references

Riverdale is like Gilmore Girls in that these kids talk fast & throw pop culture references around like crazy. Veronica’s mom picks up shifts at Pop’s & she’s giving us serious Joan Crawford/Mildred Pierce vibes. There are a ton of Truman Capote references too. In Cold Blood is referenced a few times. I was so jealous when the gang was at the drive-in watching the iconic James Dean scene in Rebel Without A Cause where he screams, “You’re tearing me apart!” Classic! We also squealed when Josie & the Pussycats sang, “Sugar, Sugar”. This is a pop culture lover’s dream as the song was originally sung by none other than, “The Archies.”

Josie Pussycats Riverdale Really Into This

Pushing Boundaries

Riverdale is not messing around when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what a teenage TV show should be. First, there is an openly gay character with an accepting father who happens to be the sheriff. This isn’t something you see everyday on screen, it’s usually a character struggling to be accepted for their sexuality, so it’s refreshing to have a different perspective being shown. The fact that his boyfriend is also openly gay and in a biker gang is awesome. Can you say #sexy?

Josie Pussycats Riverdale Really Into This

P.S. Riverdale won Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Cover Contest, so get your September issue before they’re all gone. You don’t want to miss all the sexiness!


We are Really Into Riverdale. It’s sexy, smart, creative, thrilling & a ton of fun to watch. Riverdale is totally binge-worthy & it’s one of the most exciting shows on TV right now.

What other shows should we binge?

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