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All Hail Queen Mary!

I am completely and totally obsessed with Reign, an original CW show, but I discovered it via Netflix. This drama is filled with romance, battles, murder, revenge, and a little comedy. There are so many twists and turns throughout the show that it will have your mind reeling! I finally finished watching and I am heartbroken over the thought of a Reign-less life. I need it and I love it, but sadly the CW was only able to do four seasons. So, to reminisce on my love for Reign, here are five reasons why YOU should be obsessed as well:

1. Ruthless and Fearless Queens:

Mary Queen of Scotts is the lead character and she is relentless! Mary would do anything for her country and those she holds dear. She was crowned at 6 days old and is CONSTANTLY having her life and throne threatened, mostly because men were seen as the only true rulers; she grew up in a convent to keep her safe, but finally sets sail for France in the first episode after an attempt on her life occurs and takes a nun’s life instead. From then on she faces several internal and external battles, true love, and grows into a powerful woman and queen. She NEVER backs down and I love her for it.

Queen Elizabeth I, Mary’s cousin, is another force to be reckoned with. When Elizabeth’s parents’ marriage was annulled, she was deemed illegitimate and was imprisoned while her half sister, Mary I reigned. Elizabeth finally became Queen when Mary I passed away and she turned England to Protestantism. This is one reason Mary Queen of Scotts, a Catholic, is her rival; the other being that Mary has a claim to the English throne, thus threatening Elizabeth’s rule. Elizabeth, like Mary, also faces constant threats from men wanting to overthrow her, but she never budges and always fights back.

Both queens show extraordinary leadership and determination throughout the show despite all the struggles they face. What better role models for women than two rulers who fight for what they believe in?


2. Being a Queen = Handsome Men Love You:

Mmm, the eye candy in this show is plentiful! I swear, I’ve never seen so many handsome men in one place and they ALL love Mary or Elizabeth (or both).

Francis, King of France and Mary’s first love & husband, has golden locks and baby blue eyes, and his heart of gold makes him utterly irresistible. He is my FAVE male character in the show.

Then you have Bash, Francis’ half-brother, who looks like a hot Backstreet Boy who falls for Mary and almost weds her.

Louis Conde of Navarre, Francis’ cousin, with that coveted tan skin and dark hair, who is Mary’s lover while she and Francis are distant.

Don Carlos is the Prince of Spain and his looks are just as saucy as his bedroom interests. He is meant to be Mary’s second husband, but let’s just say it doesn’t work out.


Gideon Blackburn, the English Ambassador, who’s a total DILF and serves as Mary’s lover during the time that she’s transitioning back to Scotland.

Lord Darnley, the dreamy mama’s boy who marries Mary and becomes King Consort of Scotland, fathers her child and commits many evil acts.

And finally, Lord Bothwell, a trusted ally to Mary’s mother, who’s jet black, long hair and perfect facial hair make him a medieval model. He becomes Mary’s protector and final love, and his will to do anything for her tugs on the heartstrings.

Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen who is anything but, has her fair share of hot men, but not near as much as Mary.

Lord Dudley is Elizabeth’s first love and was imprisoned with her in the tower. He later serves as one of her advisor’s and council members, but their relationship does not last (he even courts Mary at one point). His gorgeous eyes are like windows to the soul and his lips are the most kissable pair I’ve ever seen!

The Archduke of Austria has curly blonde hair and a towering stature. He looks like a viking god and is betrothed to Elizabeth in order to give her a Catholic ally. However, his lack of faith in her assists in making him temporary.

Gideon Blackburn, after ending his relationship with Mary and returning to England, becomes Elizabeth’s most trusted advisor and falls in love with her. Elizabeth, who falls much harder than Mary ever does (with the exception of Francis), declares Gideon her true love until the end, but their relationship faces many roadblocks.


3. Catherine de Medici:

I lied…..THIS is the most ruthless queen. There is absolutely NOTHING Catherine wouldn’t do for the good of France and the safety of her children. She is crazy but that’s why I love her. She is my ABSOLUTE FAVE CHARACTER in the show. Murder, manipulation and revenge come naturally to her and she is always plotting and framing people, but mostly poisoning them. She literally has a special box with a variety of poisons to choose from. Catherine has even resorted to witchcraft on more than one occasion to protect her children. Nothing is more important to her than her babies and her crown! She also has a healthy dose of sass and sarcasm to go along with her dominant personality, and I can’t get enough of it!

4. Gowns, Jewels & Crowns, Oh My!

The fashion in this show just heightened my desire to live in medieval times and be a royal. Dressing down is not an option unless it’s bedtime, and the gowns are all so exquisite and detailed. I would give anything to have Mary’s closet, but especially her wedding dress; it is literally exactly what I’ve always pictured! And let’s not forget the crowns. There has to be at least 20 different crowns between Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine and they’re ALL to die for. The royals never have a shortage of jewels either, and Mary always wears the cutest earrings; I wish I owned every pair. I would easily settle for wearing an unbreathable corset if it meant I got to look like these queens (and have servants dress me)!


5. Royals Can Do What They Want……..With Costly Consequences

Being a royal means you get your way 99% of the time, and they can get away with pretty much anything. But doing whatever they please also means they CAN’T do whatever they please. The royals are constantly under scrutiny from their allies, their privy councils, their foes and the Pope. Although the queens rule their countries, the Church usually rules them.

Elizabeth is Protestant so she doesn’t really listen to the Vatican, but Mary is constantly having to get approval from them, especially regarding marriages and finances. Gossip is also a huge cloud that looms over. One rumor can end a queen’s reign and proof is easily forged. EVERYONE wants something and EVERYONE is a potential enemy. There are only a few people that each Mary and Elizabeth can trust, and this make for a whirlwind of twists, turns and betrayals around every corner. You won’t want to miss it!


I love this show and was extremely sad to see it end. All four seasons of Reign are available on Netflix. I love finding new shows to binge on Netflix and the best CW shows are always available; I discovered Riverdale the same way. Enjoy!

Cheerio ole chaps! I'm a retired dancer & an aspiring broadcast journalist who would love to work for CNN London (I'm a Brit at heart). I love talking to anyone who listens & reliving my dance days in my kitchen. Chicken nuggets are a crucial part of my diet as well as Moscato. In my downtime, I enjoy napping with my rescue Pitbull, Cowboy & binge-watching CSI: Miami. Happy reading sexy beasts!

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  • stslusher

    Bailey, I have got to watch this show. I told Brie you love it and now she’s hooked. I feel left out! I’ll start it soon. The fashion alone is amazing! Great post! I gotta give the CW more credit too. They’ve been killing it with their shows.

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