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5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King

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5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King on Netflix

5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King

If you haven’t watched Tiger King on Netflix, you need to get on it. Now, I’m a fan of the Wondery podcast, Over My Dead Body. On Season 2, the podcast highlights Joe Exotic. While the podcast is great, seeing the story come to life with a reality film crew is unreal. You truly have to see Tiger King to believe it! You can’t make this shit up. Here are 5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King. Beware: there are a few spoilers below.

Reason 1: We Know People Like Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is trashy, loud, messy & unforgettable. From the mullet to the shiny shirts & the multiple husbands, you never know what the hell he is going to next. Run for governor? Watch him get 19% of the damn vote. Start broadcasting from the zoo? DONE. Make a music video trolling his enemies trying to shit dow his zoo? Oh, hell yes! While I may not know anyone who is involved in the big cat game, I know a lot of trashy people. I know people with good hearts, decent intentions who get led astray & shitty haircuts are the people I want to root for. Joe is kind of that person. While I definitely don’t agree with all his actions, there’s a part of him I want to champion. But, then I realize he kept his husband supplied with drugs & treated them all terribly & it pisses me off. That’s the thing though. I feel something for almost every person in this documentary. That’s what keeps me watching.

Joe Exotic Medic Jacket Meme

Reason 2: Crazy Cast of Characters

Who would have thought people working a tiger zoo in Oklahoma would be a ragtag crew of folks? There is John Reinke who happens to be a double amputee. He’s working the tigers & happy to be at work. Then there’s Saff. While working with Joe, Saff gets their damn arm bitten off by a tiger. No worries. Joe puts on a medic jacket & alerts customers they can get a refund. Viewers see Joe lose his mind thinking this is the end of his zoo. Unbelievably, Saff is back at work five days after the arm amputation. Add in the husbands, the repeat customers, the film crew & the deliveries of Wal-Mart meat –  it’s the gold standard in casting. Except for its real life. Oh, I almost forgot Doc Antle and his multiple wives and cultish vibes at his tiger zoo.


Reason 3: Deep Buried Skeletons are Unearthed

No joke, the guy that’s the supposed inspiration for Tony Montana in Scarface makes an appearance in Tiger King. Like, can you get more real than that? Talk about secrets, Carol, oh Carol. I’m not buying ANYTHING she is selling. This woman must have some sort of “it” factor. From the lines of volunteers waiting to help her Big Cat Rescue to the interviews with her ex-husband’s family – she comes across shady as hell. Also, how the hell is her “rescue” actually a rescue? It looks like a bootleg backyard tiger habitat. No wonder Joe epically trolled her ass.

Joe Exotic Meme

Reason 4: Joe Exotic is the apex of Reality-TV

If you’re a fan of trash TV, (hello, Southern Charm, Are You The One & 90 Day Fiance) you will LOVE Tiger King. One of my friends likened Tiger King to Jerry Springer on steroids. Honestly, I think that is a perfect descriptor. This is where we are in the world. Gawking at the wildest thing & wanting to know and see more. I binged the entire season in one sitting & cannot wait to watch it again.

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Reason 5: We Still Need Answers

Justice for Joe Exotic & we need more info! That’s the resounding conversation, my friends, & I keep having. Luckily, there may be a Season 2 on the horizon. There’s so much to unpack here. What’s going to happen to the tigers? Where is Saff? Did John Finlay get his teeth fixed? What is Joe’s next move? Truly, I could talk about Tiger King for hours.

John Finlay new Teeth


Obviously we are Really Into This show! We gave you 5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King, but I want to hear what you though about the show. Spill it and tell me everything!

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