• Lay's Do Us A Flavor Contest Winner
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    We Picked our Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest Winner

    We here at Really Into This have a thing for snack food – all you have to do is browse our Instagram  or check out a dip recipe to find the evidence.  That means when the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest came around for the fourth time this summer, we were ready to pick our favorite.  Every year, Lay’s asks everyone to pitch them their newest and most original chip ideas, and then they narrow it down to three choices that are put in to production.  They count on the consumers to buy them and vote for their favorite (oh how I miss you Wasabi Ginger chips!) to pick…

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    Drugstore Lipstick Love

    Drugstore Lipstick Love I’ve got to tell you about my current favorite drugstore lipstick, NYX’s Butter Lipstick, Shade BLSO8 Mary Janes. It’s almost a wine red. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and Ivory Beige skin-tone. I must be stuck in the early 00’s because before this brand, if I wore lipstick, it was usually a shimmery pink or just a glossy nude tone – cue Britney Spears music right now. When it comes to colors as bold as red, I’ve always been a bit timid to try. This is a color I feel comfortable and confident in. I have an uncanny ability to apply lipstick like a drunk girl in…

  • Really Into Lipstick
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    Really Into Lipstick

    Really Into Lipstick Of course, we are Really Into lipstick, but the hardest part is picking the right one!  We have picked some of our favorites, from drugstore to department store, to share with you.  What lipsticks are you Really Into? Bailey: You already know that we are really into Nordstrom, so here is a cream lipstick from the NARS and I am absolutely addicted to it! It’s the “Banned Red” shade & it is on fleek. Every time I get dressed up for a night out, this is on my lips! It gives a dark but not brooding look to my lips & it makes my hazel eyes pop!…

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    Getting Really Into TEAVANA

    Jessica is all about that Apple Cider Vinegar drink, but I’m not ready to hop on the ACV train just yet. I am; however, slowly stepping Into the Tea pool. I drink Iced Tea in the summer, but that’s as far as I’ve gone with Tea & I wouldn’t even call this first base. I’ve slowly been getting Really Into Tea & my gateway drug was this Royal English Breakfast Tea with a Starbucks Mango Syrup. It doesn’t taste like potpourri, is tasty either cold or hot & I feel pretty fancy & bougie when I drink anything with the name Royal. A few cups in, I went to get…

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    Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

    By now most everyone has heard about the magic of Apple Cider Vinegar.  It has been used for centuries to cure everything from acne to diabetes.  I think the most familiar brand of organic Apple Cider is Bragg, and they have so much information on their website about the many benefits of this liquid gold (also those Liquid Aminos). I always buy Apple Cider Vinegar to keep in my cabinet.  It is good for my skin, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, and is great for cleaning – my mom always ran apple cider vinegar through the coffee pot to clean it, and now I do too! The hardest part of drinking…

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    I am Really Into meal delivery service.  I used Blue Apron for several months and posted about it here.  Then I thought, why only try one service?  Because each of these services give you discounts on your first delivery, it seemed like there wasn’t much to lose.  I was so happy I did!  I am even more Into Plated than I am Into Blue Apron! The first difference you will notice is that Plated is more expensive than Blue Apron by about $12 a week for a two person plan.  The trade-off is that there is WAY MORE food.  With Blue Apron we never had leftovers, but with Plated we…

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    PJ Salvage Pajamas

    PJ Salvage Pajamas I am so jealous of my kid’s pajamas. They are warm, have cool designs, are super cute & comfy & I’ve been looking for a comparable pair for adults & I finally struck gold- PJ Salvage. At Nordstrom‘s Winter Clearance Sale, I stumbled upon a pair of PJ Salvage flannel pajamas. They were $68 originally, but on sale for about $30. They felt thick, soft & had some cute holiday dogs on them. I fully expected them to shrink, pill & to become capris on me, like my other PJ purchases over the last few years. I am happy to say they’ve been washed at least a…

  • Storiarts Raven Writing Gloves Really Into This
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      I am Really Into reading, cotton fabrics, comfy clothing & feeling cozy, so when my friend, Michelle, told me about Storiarts I was hooked. About Storiarts Storiarts is a husband & wife team based out of Portland, OR who make literary-inspired goods. They’ve been around since 2011 & I’m in love with their products. It’s American made, except for the French ribbon used in the summer scarves, local, high quality & they even sell their products at the Library of Congress & The New York Public Library Shop. This winter, I went all in after researching their products. I ordered writing gloves, bookbands/headbands & scarves. A few months in…

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    Your New Shopping Addiction: CUPSHE

    Your New Shopping Addiction: CUPSHE We all love a good bargain and fabulous clothes, right? RIGHT. Thanks to the goddess that is Pinterest, I have discovered perhaps the greatest (and cheapest) online, retail indulgence: Cupshe.com! https://www.cupshe.com/ Odd name, great deals! I came across this online shopping company about a year ago while getting my daily dose of Pinterest. I found the hottest, yet conservative (showing my stomach makes me a little uncomfortable), one-piece swimsuit and I rocked it for the summer. They have plenty more one-pieces, bikinis and high-waisted suits as well. Once I found this retail utopia, I found more than just one cute swimsuit…..I found tons! Not to mention…

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    California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

    Whether I am making my own recipes or cooking my Blue Apron meals, there are three ingredients that I almost always use: olive oil, salt and pepper.  Although these ingredients are really basic, it is important to make sure they are good quality.  Picking out salt and pepper is relatively easy (kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper), but olive oil is trickier. I have found my favorite all purpose olive oil; California Olive Ranch Olive Oil.  I am Really Into It. The Dark Side of Olive Oil Turns out you need to be picky when it comes to picking your oil.  Tom Mueller wrote the book Extra Virginity: The Sublime…

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